Sunday, April 28, 2013

Project 360: Week 17

{112} A Bug's Life view of the cucumber plants.

{113} When I buy a skein of yarn at a LYS and the owner asks if I'd like it wound into a ball, I always say no. Because I do enjoy winding it myself by hand...for approx. the first half of the skein. By the second half, I'm either thinking, "Just let them wind it at the store next time, goober," or "I really need a ball winder for Christmas."

{114} Can you tell what's on my mind this week? :) I go through obsessive stages with crafting...lately I haven't had much desire to sit down at the sewing machine. All I can think about is knitting, spinning, and finding a raw fleece locally.

{115} This is one of those 9:30 p.m. "good grief, I forgot to take a photo today!" pictures. As you can see, my yarn plying process is very technical. It involves my spindle, three overturned flower pots, and lots of tangles.

{116} I'm really glad I can hang my yarn outside to dry now that it's warmer!

{117} My sweet little Jack. (And here my mom would say, "Little!?" because he weighs 20 pounds.)

{118} Today is a drizzly day...the perfect chance to wear one of my favorite brooches. (It's from this lovely Etsy shop.)

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