Sunday, April 14, 2013

Project 360: Week 15

{98} Spikey little moss-ish stuff.

{99} Pretty blossoms.

{100} This was supposed to be a sneak preview of Olivia, because I didn't realize I'd be posting the finished project so soon! See how un-pointy I planned for her ears to be?

{101} My dad and his friend spent the past several Saturdays building two high tunnels, and they're finally finished.

{102} While cleaning out a drawer, I came across so many old photos. (Yes, toddler-me is about to be eaten by a giant bear, and I'm completely distracted.)

{103} I bent my no-new-clothes resolution for Threadless' big sale about a month ago ($10 tees and free shipping), so now I'm the proud owner of three Doctor Who shirts. Does that make me a nerd?

{104} I'm knitting a Dalek. Does that really, really make me a nerd?

Until next time,


  1. Oh you are knitting a Dalak will it go in your shop? If so ill probably buy it :p

    1. I'm going to be selfish with my Dalek and keep it for myself! :) Plus all of those bobbles are a pain in the neck, so this will likely be the only one I knit (for a while, anyway). Much as I'd like to have a whole little army of them. :) The pattern is available on Ravelry for free, though- it's called Extermiknit!

  2. Three Doctor Who shirts?! I thought that owning one made me nerdy enough... Hehe. :D What other designs do you have? You can't go wrong with a Disney (especially Belle) and Doctor Who mashup. :D

    1. I couldn't resist with those sale prices! :) I got the Belle/DW one above, the Cinderella/DW one by the same artist, and then the one called "All of Time and Space." The last one is the most subtle but it's so sparkly and lovely.

    2. I was SO close to buying All of Time and Space! It's such a cool design. Since I had already bought a Tardis themed shirt (Space Time Impressionism), I decided to wait and try to make my next purchase a little different. :D


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