Thursday, April 25, 2013

Free (really good) music!

I promise that I'm not intentionally trying to post every day this week. :) But I just had to share this!

Have you guys ever heard of Noisetrade? It's a site where lots of bands offer EPs or even full albums, and they're free to download. You can leave tips for the artists, but it's optional. And yes, this is completely legal. :)

I have found some really amazing music there. One of my favorites is a bluegrass album by Chance McCoy and the Appalachian String Band. But I also discovered the Vespers.

Some of the Vespers' music is very foot-stomping bluegrassy, but at other times they remind me so much of Eisley (another group I love). Their music is just really good. I downloaded a sampler from Noisetrade and loved it so much that I purchased their second album, The Fourth Wall, on Amazon.

Today I got an email from Noisetrade announcing that the Vespers were putting both of their full albums, Tell Your Mama and The Fourth Wall for download! I was thrilled, and I'm listening to my new download of Tell Your Mama as I write this. :)

Just wanted to let you guys know about this awesome band and the fact that right now, the music is free! (I really do need to leave a tip at this point because I've gotten so much enjoyment from their music.)

By the way, these aren't Christian CDs but apparently the band members are Christians, and the music is completely clean. In case you were wondering. :)

P.S. Speaking of really good music, happy 96th birthday to Ella Fitzgerald today!

Until next time,


  1. I LOVE the vespers. I've been listening to Eisley for YEARS, since high school. I found the Vespers though them on Itunes. I bought their CDs through :P lucky you getting them for free! but they are wonderful music!

  2. oh, if you like the vespers, try "Birdy" and "Gabrielle Aplin" and JJ Heller is another amazing artist. I love folk music and bluegrass...

    1. Thanks- I'll have to check those out! I love folk and bluegrass type music, too. Do you like the Avett Brothers?

  3. That site is neat! I'd never heard of it, so thanks for sharing it.

    You should see if you library has Freegal, which is a site only though libraries that have it where you can download a certain amount of songs per week for free. My music collection has grown a ton since I discovered it!

  4. I started listening to Eisley probably one of the first times you mentioned them here on the blog and still love them! I actually found the Vespers through Spotify only a couple weeks ago and have been listening to those albums non-stop, so this is really great news! Thanks so much! Love the music suggestions! :)

  5. Thank you for telling us about this! I love Noisetrade. :D And now I have a new band to check out. ;)


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