Monday, April 22, 2013

Classic Movie May! {Introduction and Schedule}

A while back, I threw out the idea of hosting a classic movie blog party. You guys had a good response to it, so I decided to go for it. I'm really excited to write a lot about classic films and I can't wait to read about your favorites (and least favorites), too!

So here's the deal. I'm really bad at coming up with creative names for stuff, so guess what the event is called? You got it...Classic Movie May. :) Brilliant, I know. By the way, for this event, I'm generally considering classic movies to be any made through the 60s. So...the creation of films until 1969. :) But this isn't a strict rule- exceptions are fine. For example: Fiddler on the Roof was 1971, I think? And The Apple Dumpling Gang movies were from the 70s.

Twice a week during the month of May, on Tuesdays and Fridays, I will have scheduled posts about a certain theme. {The first post will actually be a bit early, on April 30th.} At the end of each of these posts will be a link-up. I'm giving you the schedule now, so you'll have time to go ahead and type up any posts for the topics you want to write about.


April 30 (Tuesday): Favorite Actors
May 3 (Friday): Favorite Actresses

May 7 (Tuesday): Famous Classic Films That You Don't Like
May 10 (Friday): Your Absolute Favorite Classic Films

May 14 (Tuesday): Actors/Actresses Who Had to Grow On You (aka, you didn't like them at first :)
May 17 (Friday): Best On-Screen Couples

May 21 (Tuesday): Favorite Musicals
May 24 (Friday): Favorite Hitchcock Films

May 28 (Tuesday): Obscure or Underrated Classic Films (mine aren't exactly obscure, but just ones that I think don't get the attention they deserve)
May 31 (Friday): Classic Films You Haven't Seen Yet (famous ones that are still on your to-watch list)

I'm sure there will be other classic movie related posts (though that won't be all I post about) during the month...maybe a couple of reviews, or other random posts.

And the giveaways! There will be giveaways...hopefully three of them. They'll be announced throughout the month. Linking up or participating won't be a requirement to enter the giveaways, but it will earn you extra entries. :)

I'm really excited about this, and I hope you guys are, too. I want it to be a fun, relaxed blog party. So if you want to join in but don't have time to write long, detailed posts, that's fine! Any way you want to participate is fine. Most of my scheduled posts are simply lists, some of them longer (I like to ramble :), but a lot of them quite short. Pretty much anything goes...silent films or talkies, animated or live action, black and white or Technicolor.

Here are some not very professionally made buttons for you, if you'd like to take one for your blog. :)



Until next time,


  1. Eeep!! It sounds fantastic!!! I can't wait=D

  2. Hey, I'm trying to write up some of these, and I remember a film I saw when i was younger that I LOVED but i can't remember anything about it! I was wondering if you knew?

    Its about a princess. Her elder sister (black hair) might marry the prince. She tags along, but it very young. While her sister and mom are out in society, she sneaks out of her room to go fishing. she ends up snagging the prince on the end of her fishing line. Later, as she is being presented to the king and queen, the prince sees her. He tells him mother he wants to marry her. They do get married, but her sister is upset with her but later forgives her.

    The princess has very very long hair and there was a sequel to this movie. Do you by any chance remember what I'm talking about?

    1. I haven't heard of this movie before! I even tried Googling it to find out the title (I've done that before when I couldn't remember what a movie was called), but nothing turned up. I'm sorry I couldn't help! But be sure to let me know if you remember the name, because I'd like to look it up and try to watch it. :) I'm especially interested in the part about her catching the prince on her fishing line!

  3. Kristin, this looks like such a fun idea!! I look forward to seeing it all happen! :D

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