Sunday, March 31, 2013

Project 360: Week 13

{84} I saw a few deer in the snow while doing chores on Monday morning.

{85} Windy, cloudy day.

{86} Another cloud picture. :)

{87} I helped Dad put up our little greenhouse on Wednesday, and on Thursday I started some seeds in it! I'm trying to grow some dyeing herbs: indigo, black hollyhock, golden marguerite, and hopi red amaranth (that will be started outside, though, so I haven't planted it yet). I also planted some lavender and then some seed for my parents. I guess this is the year I'll find out if I'm really a plant killer or not. :)

{88} Walking past the creek.

{89} Love the tiny little flowers that grow randomly in the grass.

{90} Buttercups from my grandparents' yard.

It's a bit unusual that all of my pictures were taken outdoors this week, except for today's. {It's a wet and foggy day here.} Happy Easter, everyone!

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