Sunday, March 24, 2013

Project 360: Week 12

{77} New knit fabrics from Girl Charlee! Two of these have already become Renfrews. :) I had a wonderfully productive sewing week.

{78} I'm working on a new embroidered piece for the shop.

{79} Buttercups blooming! I guess they're technically daffodils. But we've always called them buttercups. :)

{80} Crazy beautiful sky.

{81} I won a giveaway over at Nicole's blog: Aimee Ray's new book and some pretty floss! I learned how to embroider from her first book. I had entered quite a few giveaways for this book and nearly ordered it from Amazon (where it's very inexpensive right now), so I was thrilled to win.

{82} This weirdness happens when I was trying to get pictures of Jack in my window against the evening sunlight. My cats have had spring fever lately...they've been super loving and energetic and hungry. And they've been fighting. Which is hilarious, because it's not mean hiss-fighting. It mostly consists of them stalking each other around corners and from inside empty laundry baskets, and Oliver trying to start something with Jack. Jack's ears lay down and they have a standoff, and then he just rolls Oliver because he weighs about three times as much as Ollie does.

{83} Snow! It was so nice yesterday afternoon I opened my window. And today it's snowing/sleeting/raining.

Until next time,


  1. I love the first four photos. So pretty!

  2. Love the embroidery! The colors are really pretty.

    That's awesome that you won the new Doodle Stitching book! I was because of your blog that I discovered the first two a few years ago and I love them. Now I'm waiting for this one to come in at the library.


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