Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Some crafty things.

Well, here's one 2013 resolution accomplished: knit myself a pair of socks. This crazy feeling of satisfaction is why I give myself a couple of easy goals every year to balance out the impossible ones. :)
They are ugly, I know (though not quite as mismatchy as my mom's). But that's okay, because they're comfortable. And ugly socks are easier to get away with than most other items of clothing. :)

Now that the socks are finished, I think I'm going to take a brief knitting break. With slightly warmer weather, I'm itching for embroidery now. I seriously need some mind-numbing cross stitch for a while. :) So I'm starting on a larger, nerdy project that I've been meaning to do for a couple of years.

I picked up this jersey knit at the store yesterday. Our Hobby Lobby doesn't often get stripey knits, and this is a spring fabric that will get gone quickly. So I bought a couple of yards for another Renfrew.

I really love that the cream stripes are lacey instead of just solid jersey.

And another special spring fabric...this lovely Paris print. I seriously can't resist Eiffel Tower fabric! :)

What have you been making lately?

Until next time,

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