Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A stitched Fellowship.

I feel like this cross stitch piece has been a long time in the making, though I suppose it really hasn't. I bought the Fellowship of the Ring pattern about a year and a half ago. About that same time, someone gave me lots of Aida cloth and cross stitching supplies, and there was this one piece that was different. It was kind of a cream color but it was rough and spotted. I knew it would be perfect for the LOTR cross stitch, so I stuck a sticky note on it and set it aside.

Then Mom bought me this oval hoop (approx. 5" x 9") at a yard sale for me, because Hobby Lobby only carries huge oval hoops. I've kept it for months, planning on using it for this project if it was big enough.

When my computer crashed back in December, I lost all of the PDF patterns I'd bought (don't worry- since then I've learned my lesson about saving purchased patterns elsewhere!). I tend to print all of the patterns as I use them, so I still had all of the patterns I'd bought except for two, including this one. Thankfully, the shop owners graciously sent it to me again.

So finally, after all of that, I recently stitched up the Fellowship of the Ring.

It fit (just barely!) in the hoop, and I'm glad I saved the supplies for this project, because it worked out perfectly.

After months of being mostly focused on knitting, I didn't realize how much I missed embroidery!

I recently had to expand my embroidery wall...thankfully, one of my bedroom walls is super long and the perfect spot for the hoops. :) I have about 8 other hoops elsewhere in my room. Obviously the clock and the hoop with some of my brooches in it aren't embroidery, but they fit with the circle theme. :) I think that out of all of these, the boy and girl set towards the middle are my favorites. I  love those so much...they're so elegant and have a 20s/30s feel. {The patterns are from here.}

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  1. I love it - great job!! Makes me want to take up cross-stitching again. :)

  2. I love the idea of an embroidery wall! Lovely.

  3. Looks great! LOVE the embroidery wall <3

  4. Oh I love your fellowship! That turned out great!


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