Sunday, January 6, 2013

Project 360: Week 1

I decided to try a 360 project this year. I didn't mention this in my resolution post because I didn't decide this until after I had already put it up. :)
I want to take one photo every day. No specific kind of photo...not self portraits or anything. I basically just want to get back in the habit of using my camera for more than just pictures of finished craft projects. :) Though to be honest, there will likely be lots of crafty photos involved. I'm not a photographer by any don't expect anything spectacular. But I'll be posting the pictures each week here to hold me accountable. :) So here's my first week.

{1} Working on my badger wristwarmers. I knitted the main part first and then went back to add the picture with duplicate stitch. They're finished now- more pictures coming soon.

{2} My new reading journal for the year. I love that you can get cute, cheap notebooks at Target.

{3} Taken during my walk on Thursday.

{4} Winding some of my leftover bits of yarn into balls for easier storage. I'm saving them because I'm toying with the idea of starting this sometime this year.

{5} TARDIS decal in the mail! I am ridiculously in love with this. :) I'm also ridiculously bad at putting stickers on my car straight.

{6} Starting my Jane Austen rereads with Sense and Sensibility.

And a little cat Ollie learned how to do two obnoxious but also cute things this week. First, how to open my closet door by himself. Second, how to pull my meticulously organized DVDs off the shelf and climb inside. I offer this proof:

Have you ever done a 360 project before? Are you doing one this year? Do you ever come home to find Annie and That's Entertainment DVDs scattered across the floor, or is that just me?

Until next time,

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  1. Love your TARDIS sticker! And your kitty's new "trick" is too cute!!


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