Thursday, January 10, 2013

A three-ply yarn.

Last month, around Christmas, I did a lot of spinning. I actually made my first three-ply yarn! My poor little spindle had never been that full before. :)

I spun all of the little leftover practice bits I had into singles. The three on the right below became the yarn. I think I'll practice Andean plying some more with the other two.

{And yes, I store them on toilet paper and paper towel rolls. I'm not very good at winding balls yet, especially with newly spun singles.}

It averaged 9 wpi, which means it's a worsted weight. That's convenient to know because that's my favorite to knit with. :)

After setting the twist:

I ended up with this tiny hank: about 55 yards, I think? Not enough to do anything with, but I'm still just practicing. I started off plying with a homemade Lazy Kate made from a shoebox and knitting needles, but things got very tangly so I had to start over with the yarn wound into balls. I know the colors aren't very pretty together, but they remind me of cotton candy for some reason. :)

But can I say that plying is one of my favorite things ever? After all the work of spinning singles, drafting and everything, twisting a few yarns into one is so easy and enjoyable. And quick.

I've finally started on my first real yarn. It's from the 10 ounces of this roving I ordered a while back. So this means it will actually be enough yarn to knit with. :) And if I get brave enough, I'm planning on dyeing it sometime this spring or summer with natural dyes.

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