Monday, December 31, 2012

The new year.

I get so excited about the new year. It's the only time I find the unknown thrilling instead of terrifying. :) With a big, beautiful new year in front of me, I feel like anything could happen. I feel like I could do anything. I'm so full of ideas and inspiration that I think I might explode.

I make lists and move around the furniture in my room and reorganize things (strange behavior for someone who hates change).

My big list for 2013 is similar to last year's, but different, too (here is the last one, if you're interested).

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2013 Resolutions

-Read at least 80 books. I don't think I'll have a problem with this one. :)
-Read all unread books I own. This will be harder. Because that list is currently 68 books long. Good grief.
-Reread all of Jane Austen's works. One a month would be nice. And not just her major novels, but the unfinished ones and the juvenile writings.
-Reread the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I've only read the entire trilogy through once.
-Spend no more than $20 each month on books. I realized this year that a money limit will work better for me than a quantity limit. :) Because I buy so many books at thrift stores or bargain stores for approx. $4 or less. This makes more sense: it basically limits me to 1 or 2 truly new books a month, or more "new" used ones.

-Watch all unseen films I own. Like the many classic movies on VHS I was given that are currently tucked away under my bed. And Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which has been sitting unwatched on my shelf for over a year now!
-Monthly purchase limit: 1 new release, or 2 older, inexpensive DVDs.

-Use up all the apparel fabric yardage in my stash. I have ideas for how to use most of it, anyway...I just haven't followed through yet.
-Try out at least three new clothing sewing patterns.
-Sew myself a bag that I really love. I have an idea for this, too, based off one I saw on Etsy.

{The resolutions from last year, like planning out my garment sewing and focusing on process and quality more, still apply. I just found that I needed more specific sewing goals- those were a bit vague.}

Other Crafting:
-Knit myself a pair of socks. The first pair went to my mom. :)
-Knit myself a sweater.
-Learn how to crochet.
-Spin enough yarn for a knitting project. Not a huge project...maybe a scarf or fingerless gloves or something.
-Experiment with natural dyeing (with yarn). Very excited about that!

-Keep a purchase notebook. Just like this year.
-Walk outside at least four days a week.
-Memorize one Bible verse a week.
-Save $10 each week.
-Give money to a worthy cause each month. Whether it's Abort73 or one of Compassion's special funds or something else. I'm not setting a certain amount because it will vary every month.
-Learn how to cook. For real this year. :) Especially things like meat, which are terrifying to me because if I don't cook them right, they will not only taste bad but could make people sick. Cooking is a scary business, you guys. :) I worked a bit this year on overcoming my fear of knives, but that could use more work, too.

These aren't exactly on my list (I ran out of room on my paper! :), but I also want to be more consistent with praying, reading my Bible, and journaling.

And I want to learn how to grow things without killing them. :) I want to plant some herbs to use for dyeing and maybe help my parents with the garden.

Did you make any resolutions for 2013? What were they?

P.S. If you're wondering why I didn't make more health-related resolutions, I give you one of my favorite quotes from The Hobbit film.

 Until next time,

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