Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas time.

Felt tree brooch made from this tutorial. Because I needed a Christmas brooch. :)

A sight I've seen in pictures and movies but never in real life: a Christmas tree strapped to the top of a vehicle. In this case, a cedar cut on our farm, tied with hay twine to the top of the farm Jeep.

Our massive cedar tree.

Yes, that's my Abominable Snowman ornament.

Since I can't string lights on my aluminum tree, I put some up in my room. I think this might become a year-round look.

{My computer died over the weekend and is in the repair shop now. I'm using my parents' computer for some things, but after I publish the few posts I had written already, things may be quiet around here until I hopefully get mine back.}

Until next time,

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  1. Love the tree!!! We still put the green and white candy cane ornament you made (how many years ago?) on the tree every year! The children have reshaped it a few times (sorry), but they know who made it. Great pics.


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