Saturday, December 8, 2012

Books (and other things) I'm excited about.

It seems like lately there have been so many new books coming out that I really want to read. And they're mostly sequels or conclusions to series I've read. Here are some of the books I'm looking forward to reading...

Reached. I have mixed feelings about this trilogy, to be honest. Matched was one of the first dystopian stories I ever read. I read it even before I read The Hunger Games trilogy. And I loved it. Then this year, I reread it and read the second book, Crossed, and I was pretty disappointed. The first one wasn't as good as I remembered, and the second one was a bit dull. But for some reason, I'm really excited about the last book.

Son. I've actually only read The Giver (which I loved), and that was a couple of years ago. But I've collected the second and third books from thrift stores and hope to read them soon. So of course I'll have to read the final book. :)

Shades of Earth. I really enjoyed Across the Universe (gorgeous cover, too), and I've had a copy of A Million Suns for months now. But I've been holding back on reading it until the final book is released next month, because I've heard the end of the second one has a big cliffhanger. And that drives me crazy. :)

Under Wildwood. I liked the first Wildwood book quite a bit. I had heard it described as very Narnian, but I didn't really see that (of course I may be biased...the Narnia books are perfection :). It was pretty long, and the writing style was overwhelming. But it was quirky and had some very memorable parts. Overall, it's a good woodsy adventure story.

As for other things I'm very excited about The Hobbit film coming out next week? I just finished rereading the book and had forgotten how good it was, so now I'm even more excited. :) Also, I'm feeling a little less nervous about there being three films, because I hope that means they'll include all of the lovely details of the book.

And Downton Abbey! I need to rewatch the first two seasons before January. I saw a gorgeous (and very expensive) Downton Abbey book at Target the other day that reminded me of how awesome the series is. :)

Any books or films (or anything else) you're looking forward to? Please share...I'm always looking for recommendations. :)

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  1. I too am excited about the Hobbit movie coming out. As much as I usually don't like the 3D gimmick, I will see it in 3D. I watched Peter Jackson's production vlog on youtube and it looks like they really went all-out to take advantage of the 3D format.

    I haven't read any of Colin Meloy's books (didn't even know he wrote any), but I do like the first Decemberists album. It's a really solid record if you're into old-timey folk-prog stuff. I still haven't got around to listening to their other stuff.

  2. I have so many things that are coming out that I'm excited about, but it would take to long to list! Definitely looking forward to the Hobbit!

    I nominated you for The Sunshine Award! Christian Novels: Sunshine Award


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