Monday, October 1, 2012

Uncle Jesse.

My random thought for the week:

On Saturday, I had a bizarre realization while watching Full House (I was having a FH marathon while finishing up a knitting project).

In the first season, Uncle Jesse is only twenty-four years old. As in, only three years older than I am right now. Somehow, this makes me feel really old. {And these first episodes aired four years before I was even born. My parents weren't even married yet. The fact that most of the films I watch were made 40-60 years before I was born doesn't faze me, but this does.}

It's sort of like how, for the majority of my life, I thought that high school students and college students were so grown-up and so much older than me. I sometimes forget that now I'm older than that. :)

Growing up is so weird.

Until next time,


  1. I frequently have similar feelings. I still remember thinking that high schoolers were "all grown up." Now I think many of them look too young to be in high school! It's weird how my perspective has changed. Then again, I still don't feel "old enough" to be 21! I feel more like 12. :)

  2. "Growing up is so weird." Well said! Just wait til you reach 30. You still don't feel grown up. :)

  3. Knitting and finishing up projects while having movie/TV series marathons is the way to go! I worked on some of my fingerless gloves (Christmas orders, Christmas orders...) while watching "Annie Hall" for the first time the other night. Have you seen it?

  4. I feel exactly the same way. I'm 25 now. Older than Uncle Jesse. Like Audrey said I still feel like a 12yr old. When did I become a "grown up?"


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