Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Knitting for a baby.

I recently spent some time working on the first baby items I've ever knitted. I've never been drawn to the "baby yarn" in craft stores, mainly because I am not a fan of the pale pink and blue that are so often associated with babies. :) Also, I didn't know anyone who had been pregnant since I learned how to knit.
But one of my cousins is expecting a second baby girl later this month, and I knew I wanted to knit her something. I made a blanket from this pattern. At first, I never thought I'd be able to memorize the pattern, but eventually I did, which made the knitting a little faster. :)

I used three colors of acrylic (machine washable!) baby yarn: pink, green, and a kind of girly camo. :) The pattern is made of three rows, repeated over and over. I'm not sure exactly how many repeats are in the whole blanket...I think I did 10 repeats for each pink and mixed section, and 5 for each green one. The end I'm holding in the above photo is rippled, too, though it doesn't look like it. (Also, all of the pink sections are equal. I'm not sure why the middle one looks so wide and the one at the bottom looks so narrow.)

It took me about two weeks of knitting, and knitting more often than I usually do. It's usually an evening thing for me, while I'm watching a movie or some TV on DVD, but I worked more on this because I wanted to get it finished soon.

I also knitted my very first pair of baby booties. I was feeling very nervous while knitting these (a quick project- a little over an hour on each one), because it wasn't looking like a bootie. It was looking like a slightly lopsided tube. Thankfully they look much better when you sew up the bottom seam (my least favorite part...I'm not very good at that) and stuff some tissue paper in them. :)

And I couldn't resist using these little heart-shaped buttons on them. Like I said, I don't like pale pink. But these tiny shoes did make my heart melt a little a lot. Cuteness overload. {Want to see something else irresistibly adorable? How about knitted baby moccasins? Oh my goodness.}

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