Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Currently reading: Attachments, by Rainbow Rowell.

I liked it well enough at the beginning. I'm now about halfway through. Lincoln reading the My Cute Guy email and having the realization pushed it into "I love it" territory at this point. :)

Currently knitting: the Honey Cowl.

I'm a bit further than this now. :) The yarn I'm using is...shedding. Little white hairs all over the place. It's some weird alpaca and acrylic blend I got on clearance. I don't have enough to make the long version, which is what I wanted to try, but that may end up being a good thing. I can do the longer version with better yarn later.

The other week I finished a very exciting (for me, anyway :) knitting project that I had been working on all summer. Hopefully I can get some pictures and post about it soon.

Currently watching: Once Upon a Time.

I love this show. I just finished watching the last of season one on DVD through Netflix, and now I've got to catch up on the first couple of season two episodes on Hulu. I don't usually get too involved with TV I'm watching. I might laugh or get teary or whatever, but I'm pretty passive...the story is happening, and there's nothing I can do about it.

Once Upon a Time makes me talk at my television set. I get involved. I say, "NO!" and "Don't do it, Henry!" I sigh and swoon and grimace and cover my eyes (not for long, though). I think, Emma! Don't even touch that apple turnover! What are you thinking? I know you're not yet a believer or whatever, but use some common sense and remember everything you ever read about evil queens. And then, come on, Rumpelstiltskin! The Belle episode was amazing, I'll admit. But you've got her back now and everything's great, so why did you have to go and do that?

{But I suppose if he didn't, there wouldn't be a season two, huh?}

Currently sewing: my purple Penelope coat.

I spent basically the whole morning basting the interlining to the lining and then overcast stitching over all the raw edges. As in, the edges of thirty-some pieces. It's one of the most boring sewing tasks ever. And probably not necessary in this case, since the seams will be hidden. But I didn't want anything fraying. So tomorrow I can start on the actual construction!

I went through at least two spools of thread doing this. The edges are stitched with dark purple, light purple, and lime green thread. Most of the clothing I sew seems to have at least two colors of thread used in overcasting the edges, to be honest. At least this time it won't be visible. :)

Currently listening to: these albums.

The Avett Brothers' The Carpenter was playing constantly for about two weeks after I bought it. It's nearly perfect. Mumford & Sons' Babel is lovely (except for that one song with that particular profanity. Is this a tradition for them or something? Each album has that one song that bothers me, while the rest is completely clean and awesome).

Have you ever heard of NoiseTrade? Tons of free music, though you can give donations to the artists. I came across the debut of Chance McCoy and the Appalachian String Band. I love it, except for maybe two songs. My absolute favorite is Yew Piney Mountain. It gives me chills. It's sort of wild and lonely.

{I used to hate bluegrass. I associated it with the nasally vocals of the gospel bluegrass groups who used to play at church and in the community sometimes. But I always liked the sound of what I thought of as "mountain music"...the music full of banjos and fiddles that sort of makes you want to dance. I always seemed to hear it when we took day trips to little towns in the mountains in the fall. Then two years ago I realized I was wrong about bluegrass being awful, when I started listening to the Avett Brothers and other artists whose music had a twangy mountain feel. This music is amazing...I just had a bad experience at the beginning. :)

P.S. Don't get all mad at me if you're a traditional bluegrass purist or don't see anything remotely bluegrassy about the Avett Brothers. I'm still learning about all of this and the Chance McCoy album is about as "traditional bluegrass" as I get right now.}

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  1. I can't wait to see your Penelope Coat, Kristin! And I'm absolutely smitten 'n' hooked on OUAT!! That show is amazing and two of my girlfriends and I are completely hooked and have been fiendishly sending text messages back and forth after watching episodes. I actually just finished watching season one myself, so now it's off to Hulu for me too! ;)


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