Saturday, September 1, 2012

Handmade travel books.

So this week I finished the set of travel books for our vacation the Florida Keys. We went last it only took me approx. 11 months to record these memories from our trip! :) Procrastinator. {You can find my posts about the Keys here.}

Okay, I obviously didn't make this book. :) I needed something that would hold tons of pictures, and it was just easier to use a photo album than try and make something suitable. So this book holds 200 of our vacation photos.

The next three books were projects from Erin Zamrzla's At Home With Handmade Books.

This is an accordion-style thing that consists of little envelopes that hold shells I found on the beach, as well as other little stubs and things that didn't fit in anywhere else. I couldn't find the right sized envelopes anywhere, so I made my own out of cardstock (which worked nicely because I could pick pretty colors that remind me of the Keys :).

This is my favorite of the three! It just turned out the best, plus I love the contrast of the slightly tacky map cover with the pretty black ribbon. And I used black cardstock and the old-fashioned style photo corners to make it look like vintage scrapbooks and albums.

It holds 16 (I think?) of my favorite vacation pictures, with captions.

The last one is another accordion book, with postcards for the covers and notebook paper/artist paper inside. I can never seem the time to do any actual journaling while I'm traveling...I'm too busy trying to see and experience everything! But this trip, I took some time every night to write down what we did that day, and little things that stood out to me. So that's what this book is full of. It's kind of scrapbooky because I also did some doodles and used map pieces and pictures from all of the brochures we collected.

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  1. I really like the way the accordion books came together - they look like real keepsakes. Nice work :)



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