Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Civil War stitches.

I noticed last week that I took a lot of pictures of textile related items in the museums: quilts, flags, embroidery, etc. I guess I'm drawn to that kind of thing because that's what I do. :) So here are a few more photos that wouldn't fit into the last post.

The above quilt featured important events from the Civil War. Pretty neat! And the below patchwork quilt belonged to Stonewall Jackson's family, I believe (though I could be wrong about that). Sorry for the glass glare.

The embroidery on the pouch is inside the heart and says: My (heart) is true to Dixie.

Above is an incredibly well-preserved uniform, below- not so much. I'm just amazed that any sort of fabric or clothing can remain intact for this many years.

Loved the embroidery on the handmade flags. Apparently sometimes women used fabric from their wedding clothes to make flags.

And this is the silent witness doll.

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