Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's my one weakness.

At my house, we love Lark Rise to Candleford.

I watched this BBC series for the first time a little less than a year ago (and wrote about it here). I absolutely love it. Earlier this year, I broke down and bought the complete set from eBay.

You might remember how, a couple of months ago, I got my parents hooked on Bleak House and Little Dorrit. I told them that they should try Lark Rise, too. I was pretty sure that my mom would like it, but I didn't know if Dad would or not.

They both love it. :) I finished rewatching the fourth and final season over a week ago, and they quickly caught up with me (they just finished a few days ago). My dad says it's one of the best TV shows he's seen and that now it has ruined him from any other shows (true quote, though I don't know whether he wanted me to share it or not. :).

There is definitely something special about Lark Rise to Candleford. Me and my parents talk about Thomas Brown and Minnie and Queenie like they're real people who we know. They speculated over what might happen and I refused to give them any hints. We discuss which of Laura's suitors is the best (personally, I don't like any of them! Alfie is my favorite, though he doesn't quite count :). I jokingly call my parents Mar and Par.

The show is hilarious and heartbreaking and sweet. It's just gorgeous. I'm sad that there aren't more episodes, but at the same time I'm also a bit relieved. The last season is my least favorite...things just feel a little different. If they had continued, the later seasons might not have been as magical as the first ones. I do love the very end of the fourth season, though. Everything that I wished to happen did, and it felt like a perfect conclusion.

Although quite a few of you commented on my last Lark Rise post saying that you love the series, too, it doesn't seem to have been as popular (in the US, anyway) as some other BBC programs. For example: Downton Abbey. I have a theory that's because it's just a good, clean historical story about normal people. I don't think it's quite exciting enough for American audiences to appreciate (unless you're someone who, like myself, loves period dramas anyway).

Downton Abbey, on the other hand, has been a smash hit in the US, even among people who don't usually watch that sort of thing. I think a big part of its popularity is because of the scandal factor. Don't get me wrong- I'm a Downton fan, too (the Dowager Countess is one of my favorite characters ever), but the reason it's not higher on my list of favorite BBC shows is because of how edgy it is at times (first season in particular). I don't like having to be paranoid about content I don't want to see in a BBC mini series.

Anyway, now I have to find something to fill the void since my parents have finished up Lark Rise. :) I think next I'll let them borrow North & South. Then maybe Cranford? But first I'll have to rewatch that's been a while since I've seen it! :)

What's your favorite BBC mini series?

Until next time,

{If you've seen any episodes of the show, you'll understand the title of this post.}


  1. I loooove the title of this post! I loooove Lark Rise and North & South and Cranford! Those BBC shows are all MY ONE WEAKNESS. ;)

  2. Well, after watching Larkrise, "it's my one weakness" has become one of my mottos. Ehm... I usually use it to refer to Richard Armitage ((blushes)). Lovely blog, great posts.


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