Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Lark Rise shawl.

Being a blogger sometimes drives you to do strange things...

Which explains why I was standing outside this afternoon wearing a shawl in ninety degree weather.

When I first started watching the lovely BBC mini-series Lark Rise to Candleford, I noticed the shawls that the Lark Rise women wore. Particularly the unusual one that Emma Timmons wore over her dress, which crossed in the front and tied in the back. So when I found a very similar free pattern on Ravelry, I decided to give it a first knitted shawl.

And nearly a month later, it's finished! The pattern was really simple, even for a beginner knitter like me. I had to watch a Youtube video to figure out how to do the increases, and even then it took me about twenty minutes before it finally clicked. :) The majority of the shawl is twenty-eight repeats of four rows. All garter stitch. It was repetitive enough that it wasn't stressful, but varied enough that it didn't get boring.

I don't imagine myself wearing a shawl out, but it will come in handy around the house this winter (especially in the sewing room, which can get chilly). Plus it was nice to try knitting something new, something besides scarves and dishrags.

Next, I think I'll be attempting a hat. :) But first I'm going to take a short break for some embroidering, which I've been missing lately.

{You can find more details of the project here. I apologize for the messy hair- I'm trying out a new no-heat curling method...the hairband one. My hair is curly/wavy naturally, but the longer it gets the less curl holds in the back. Doing it this way, it actually doesn't look too awful when it's up (much more attractive than rag curls :), unless you're like me and have pool hair and a headband that's too small for your head. Ahem. It's also the only effective way I've found so far to keep all of my thick hair up off my neck during this hot, sticky weather. Thanks to Mom for taking the pictures.}

Until next time,


  1. Love the shawl! It looks so cozy and stylish, and the hairstyle looks quite perfect. Lark Rise to Candleford is such a beautiful show! With a period dress underneath, you could walk on the set this moment:)


  2. I was watching Lark Rise to Candleford this very afternoon and literally thought for the first time (though I've been watching the show for quite a while now) that I would love to have a shawl like Emma Timmons and cross it around to the back. How weird!
    You did a great job on it though!

  3. Oh wonderful job with your Lark Rise-style shawl! Congrats! And your hair looks great! :)

  4. It is so nice to see the final result! (I just realized I never asked you what you were working on.) What a beautiful job, Kristin! S was asking about you teaching her to knit. This will make her want to even more.

    PS - love the hair....I'll have to look that up....

  5. Not bad for your first knitted shawl! It looks great!

  6. You did a great job! I've fallen in love with Lark Rise to Candleford, anything on BBC apparently :) I was trying to find a crochet pattern for this.

  7. What a pretty colour. I am going to knit a similar shawl in beige, but am struggelig to finish some ufo's first :-). Have a nice day Kristin, Pam x

  8. lovely shawl, beautiful model and beautiful is the perfect style to go with the shawl.

  9. Could you please give the measurement of your shawl from neck to bottom point. I like the way yours ties and doesn't show.

    1. Mine is about 25 inches. I'm not sure if that's what it was when I finished, because I've used it a lot over the past two years and haven't blocked it, so it may have stretched out a bit from use.


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