Thursday, June 7, 2012

A wedding.

My little brother got married back on April 14th.

{And yes, I am just getting around to posting about it. My camera died the day of the wedding, and I was waiting for good pictures to post.}

It still feels weird to say that! :) I haven't quite gotten used to referring to Rachel as my sister-in-law instead of my brother's girlfriend/fiance...They had been dating for the past four years or so.

But yes. My younger brother (two years younger than me) is now married.

It was a very small, sweet ceremony, with only immediate family there. My sister-in-law is one of twelve children, though, so there were a few more people there than you would expect. :)

 {L to R: my grandma, Mom, Rachel, Cody, me, and Dad. I feel really tall after looking at this picture.}

I made my dress, from the Colette Crepe pattern. I was pretty pleased with it at first, but looking back at the wedding photos, it's not flattering in any of them. There were definitely some fit issues, made worse by my apparently terrible posture. So I'm not too happy with the dress right now.

Rachel fixed her four younger sisters' hair on the morning of the wedding.

She planned the wedding in less than two months, and there were a lot of DIY projects that she did to help save money. Rachel picked out the flowers for her bouquet at Hobby Lobby and she and my cousin put it together. She bought several separate candles and holders to make her own unity candle setup for less than what the set cost at HL. My mom and I made the boutonnieres from some (real) roses and baby's breath. We did all of the decorating in the church and put the CD together with the wedding music. My cousin did her hair that morning and took all of the wedding pictures.

I think Cody and Rachel are just right for each other. Sometimes it cracks me up how they pick at each other and act like a little old married couple. :)

Until next time,

{Photo credit for all of the pictures in this post goes to my cousin, Cortney.}

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  1. AHHH!!! I love the photos! She really was a beautiful bride. And you, oh my goodness, you are beautiful!

    PS. I haven't forgotten about your email at all. I've been so crazy busy, but I plan on writing back really soon. So sorry!


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