Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lions and tigers and bears...oh my!

{Sorry, but I couldn't resist the cheesiness. And technically we didn't see any tigers.}

My parents and I took a day trip to the Asheboro Zoo yesterday. The children (younger cousins) that me and my mom keep are all away on vacation, so we've had the week off. It's been nice to have extra time to sew...I made some wallets for the Etsy shop (for the first time in forever) and have been attempting a knit shirt. We're also going to see Brave over the next day or two- very excited about that! :)

Anyway, we had a great time at the zoo. I feel like a kid because I get so excited about going places like that. :) It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm without being miserably hot (it's supposed to be 100 degrees on Friday!).

A huge snapping turtle we saw outside of the zoo...

The NC Zoo is an awesome place, if you ever get the chance to go. I've been five or six times so far, beginning with elementary school field trips and then later with my family. There are two main areas: Africa and North America, and there are about five miles of paths and trails throughout the zoo. I wore comfy flats but my feet were aching by the time we got home. :) All of the paths are shaded, though, so it's pretty and you're not in direct sunlight very much.

I took lots of elephant pictures but this is my favorite. I think it looks like she (he?) is smiling.

The new camera (that I had to get two months ago after my old one died) has a much better zoom than my previous one. So this was a good opportunity to try it out on the animals who were far away, towards the edges of their habitats.

I may have mentioned this before, but I'm not very fond of birds. And this one was creepy. It was called some sort of eagle, and my dad said, "They call it an eagle, but it looks more like a buzzard to me." As soon as he said that, the bird let out an awful sound and then did this.

Apparently it didn't appreciate being insulted. By that point I was more than ready to move away on to the next exhibit. :)

This one reminds me of the famous Patterson Bigfoot photo. :)

I think lions are so gorgeous. I'll admit it might have something to do with Aslan. But I love that cats are cats, no matter the size. I think it's incredible that house cats have the exact same mannerisms as huge wild cats. 

My dad is a beekeeper (has been for about a year now), and I think his favorite part of the whole zoo was the honeybee area and exhibit. :)

Do you like going to the zoo? What are your favorite animals to see (mine are the cats, bears, and gorillas)?

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