Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vinyl heaven (and a few finds).

A couple of months ago when our neighbor gave me some records, she also showed us one of those huge stereo consoles from the 60s or 70s with the record player made into it. She asked if we wanted it, because she needed the space. Goodwill wouldn't take it, because apparently no one listens to records anymore (what?? Only weirdos like me :), and it's considered a worthless piece of furniture. At first I said no, because I didn't have anywhere to put it. Well...we ended up finding somewhere to put it, and yesterday my brother and my dad finally moved it into my room. :)

Did I mention it was free?

I had to rearrange some things because my room is so crowded. There's way too much furniture in too small of a space...every wall is lined with furniture, it seems. But I can't get rid of anything, I tell myself, because I need all of these things. I need my desk, my bed, my three bookcases, my chest of drawers, my hope chest, this massive record player thing, etc. :)

Anyway, I am smitten. Things are cramped, but (once again, I tell myself) it's a beautiful vintagey piece of furniture, and someday I'll have my own house and it won't look so crowded there. :) My parents gave me this record player for my birthday two years ago, and I really do love it. I can listen to my CDs and hook my iPod up to it, too. But I close the cover to keep dust out, and then I set stuff on top of the cover. Then I have to move all of that stuff to listen to records, which means I don't listen to them as often as I'd like.

Now, that's no problem. Because the record player just slides right out of this thing.

Here's what it looks like since I decorated it with all of my memorabilia.

Notes: Behold my awesome non-HD TV that's 1.5 feet deep. And yes, I still use a VCR. The two little prints sitting there are from Flapperdoodle. The felt trees are handmade. And since I had to move a little DVD storage thing I previously had in this spot, I had to put some of my DVD collection on top: some of my favorite modern films and my period dramas (aka BBC mini-series and Austen adaptations). Finally, I look at this picture and all I can see is the carpet. It is ugly and faded, but I promise it's not nearly that atrocious and bright blue in real life. :)

Inside, there's room for my record collection (and even space for more *ahem*). P.S. I still love this record to pieces. It's one of my favorites.

And also some more space for DVD storage under the turntable.

The other day, I found a set of six of these sweet little cups in a thrift store. They were 50 cents each, but they were half off (supposedly as a daily special, but I don't think I've ever been in there and the dishes/glassware hasn't been 50% off). So I got them all for like $1.58.

I love them- the color, the unique design, and the unusual part at the top. And they were all perfect, no chips or anything. I collect little quirky things like this and keep them in my cedar hope chest. :)

And finally, I wanted to share some brooches that I got from Etsy a few weeks ago.

This adorable fox brooch came from Layla Amber in the UK (I get so excited over English postage!).

Yes, apparently I have an addiction to brooches. And somehow I'm okay with that. These two came from La Canica, all the way from Spain. They're lasercut from acrylic, which means that they're really lightweight. They are so incredible that I just want to squeal every time I look at them. :)
{Do you see the grooves? It seriously looks like a tiny little record.}

Our favorite practically perfect nanny.

P.S. The same day the previous two brooches arrived, I got a letter from my sweet friend and penpal Alannah. She also sent me a lovely necklace that she got during her recent trip to Africa!

By the way, the bookbinding tutorial is finished and will be posted Monday. :)

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