Saturday, March 17, 2012

Very first swap.

I had so much fun participating in Wild Olive's first Stitch Swap. I didn't want to post any pictures in the Flickr group (or here, though I think I was just being paranoid because she didn't know anything about me except my name) until I knew my partner had received her package, because I wanted her to be surprised. :) Well, according to the delivery confirmation, the package was delivered yesterday.

As soon as I got the name and information about "my person," I did some investigating. I felt a lot like a stalker, hunting around someone's Tumblr and Flickr to gather information about what they're interested in. :) But it was fun. I still didn't feel like I had enough to go on, so I ended up contacting her to ask a few questions.

I found out that she loves the Lord of the Rings movies. I'm a fan, too, so I started thinking about some of the awesome quotes from the films. At first I imagined this elaborate hobbit hole door that would open up to something inside, but that got a little complicated. So I decided to embroider this funny quote from Gandalf.

I used some LOTR-ish font from my parents' computer and traced it out. Stitching the quote actually went a lot faster than I expected it to, because the words are so tiny and with this font, I didn't want the letters to look too perfect.

It looked a little plain with just the quote, so I added some leafy green vines. And then I realized that everything was green, so I added some blue flowers.

I didn't have any ribbon in the right shade of green, and I didn't want to just paint the hoop because I wanted texture. So I used this idea and wrapped it in fabric strips. I really love how it turned out. :)

The letters are done in backstitch. The vines are split stitch, the leaves are lazy daisy, and the flowers are French knots.

It was a little challenging deciding what to stitch when it has to fit into a 4 inch hoop! You have pretty limited space. :) When I look at some of the beautiful, intricate pieces in the group pool, I almost forget that they're fitting into such a small hoop.

The swap is for one 4 inch embroidered piece, but Mollie said we could include extra goodies if we wanted to. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to. And when I saw all of the cute pictures of my person's son wearing a Buzz Lightyear costume, I knew the little something extra should be for him. :) So I actually made this before I had even decided what to make for my partner.

I'm so proud of it! :) My first self-designed cross stitch piece. I found some pictures of Buzz and printed out some 14 count graph paper (after attempting to design it on a larger count and then downsize it, which didn't go so well). It took a bit of time, and a lot of erasing and counting squares, to get the proportions right, but I love how it turned out.

I used metallic thread on his helmet. I think the way he's standing and his big goofy grin are very Buzz Lightyear-ish. :)

I'm anxiously watching the mail for a package from my partner. :) This was so much fun, and I definitely want to do another swap very soon.

Have any of you ever done any craft swaps before? Craftster has had some really amazing ones in the past.
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  1. Boy, now I wish I'd said LOTR under things I like.
    I came to your blog from your comment on my swap Owl. I had a browse and wondered if you'd ever read Angela Thirkell's books. If you like England and the 30-60s, I think you'd like her. She's mostly out of print now but sometimes you can find one at the library. She is quite witty.


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