Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Just when I had decided that I've been spending too much time online, our internet went out. How convenient, right? :) We didn't have any service for three days. And although there were several times when I wished I could check my email or Etsy, it was pretty nice. With no internet access I had time to do other things...I got quite a bit of reading done over the weekend. :)

We've had some lovely spring weather lately. I don't feel ready to give up my cardigans and tights yet (and I'm not especially crazy about summer), but spring is such a nice time of the year that it makes the change a little easier.

{I'm oddly obsessed with moss.}

Jack and Ollie like spring, too, even though they are inside cats. This one morning, there were about twenty robins in the yard. It was a little creepy, considering it hasn't been too awfully long ago that I saw Hitchcock's The Birds {I may be scarred for life}. Jack had his eye on one near the window, and he was ready to pounce. He was digging in with his back legs and his ears were twitching and he was crouched as low as you can get with a belly like that.

He totally would have gotten that bird, too, if it weren't for the tiny inconvenience of a glass window separating him from his prey.

They also like it when we open the windows.

{If you look very closely, you can see Oliver peeking out to the left of Jack.}

One of my favorite things about spring, besides open windows, is the fact that I can keep fresh buttercups in a jar in my room.

I love buttercups. {That's what we call them around here. I have no idea what their proper name is.} I love that they're scattered in the most random places...in the yards of abandoned old farmhouses, on the side of the road, on the edges of grassy fields.

Until next time,


  1. I love your beautiful photographs! You must be further south or east than I am, because we don't have any blooms here yet.

    The yellow flowers you call buttercups are actually daffodils (some of them might be jonquils; they are closely related but both are members of the genus narcisscus and part of the amaryllis family). I think buttercups are actually an entirely different flower. I sound like I know a lot about horticulture, but I actually just know the names and I looked the other stuff up to make sure I was telling you the right thing. But that's probably more than you ever wanted to know about those flowers!

  2. Yes, they're definitely daffodils. They're the national flower of my country, Wales. Buttercups are much smaller and grow in hedgerows or in fields like daisies.


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