Tuesday, February 7, 2012


When I was younger, I was fascinated by the idea of the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot. I mean, we humans think that we're so clever, right? So I've always thought it would be hilarious if it turned out there were these creatures living amongst us that we could never quite catch or prove the existence of. :)

{Okay...I'll admit that I might still believe in them.}

So when I saw this Nessie cross stitch pattern months ago, I knew I wanted to stitch it. And then I realized it was in a plaid design, which made it even neater. :) I also love the argyle octopus and woodgrain bear from her shop. I started the pattern back in November, I think. But I had barely gotten started before I set it aside for Christmas crafting. I picked it back up about a week ago and finished it today. :)

^ That's the best picture, in regards to the actual colors. The others look a little washed out, unfortunately.

It's done on white Aida cloth- maybe 14 or 16 count? I can't remember. It's framed in an 8 inch hoop with navy satin ribbon.

After I finish an embroidery piece on regular fabric, I always run cold water over it in the sink, to get all of the water soluble marker out. Then I press it face down on a terry cloth towel, with the iron on steam. I know that more professional embroiderers probably cringe at that- I have the feeling that it's not proper somehow. :) But I've never noticed any damage or ill effects from it, and I love how using the steam iron on the wet fabric draws out all of the wrinkles and makes it dry quicker.

But I've always struggled with Aida cloth...I can never get all of the wrinkles out (as seen in my Emma piece). I read Alicia's post a couple of weeks ago, and I decided to take her advice of spritzing the back of the piece with a water bottle and then ironing (though she says a dry iron, and I used steam again). And it worked out great. I'll definitely be doing that with all of my cross stitch pieces.

By the way, the pattern looks pretty simple, but it was surprisingly time-consuming. Or maybe that shouldn't be so surprising, because I seem to be a slow crafter. :) I had to refer to the pattern a lot for the green and blue, but after that it went much quicker because you're doing less counting and just filling in blanks.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has to mark off the pattern as I go. :) I would get completely lost otherwise!

Over the weekend I took a little break from the plaid to make these quick little projects (inspired by these, which I came across last week).

I'm not one of those people who's obsessed with Valentine's Day decorations. And I am definitely not one of those girls who's obsessed with pink. I don't like pink very much, to be honest. Unless it's a bright pink or dark enough to almost be considered in the red family. :)

But I thought these were cute and simple, and I like the ombre look. I browsed the embroidery floss at Hobby Lobby and couldn't really find any dark-to-light color families that I liked except these. So I ended up with a pink one after all. But I like the way they turned out.

These are tiny. They're the only pieces I've ever done that are small enough to frame in 4 inch hoops. :)

I also made Mom some fabric napkins. She has started reading blogs, which I find a little amusing. :) She reads a couple of the same ones I do, but she's also branched out to newer ones that are less crafty/my interests and more her interests. She saw these napkins and asked me to make her some.

The fabric came from a twin flat sheet, and I had enough to make eight napkins with another fabric for four more left over. They're obviously super simple- basically just hemmed squares.

P.S. Did you see the Google doodle today? Apparently it's Charles Dickens' 200th birthday. I'll have to celebrate by finally reading at least one of his novels this year. :) Anyway, I love the doodle...the art is so lovely!

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  1. I love all of your creations! Oh, and Nessie is truly perfect :) And I love that fabric for the napkins.. Oh, and the cross stitch.. Haha! I like all of it!

  2. I love it! I also love that the same person makes a pattern for a jackalope. Too cool. And, your mom is reading blogs! My mom hasn't really gotten into blogs. She might if she figured out how to use a blog reader, but instead she just saves the links as bookmarks, and it's a pain to click through them one by one when you don't know if they've been updated or not. Tell her (and your family) hi from me!

  3. Love the blue hearts! I'm not really a fan of pink either...

  4. I know your mom is happy for the napkins! I definitely need to make some more for us since we use them for every meal. Some are starting to show alot of wear. However, I doubt mine will have mitered corners. Maybe I will let that be a first sewing project for E.

    Jen L

  5. I'm PINNING these gorgeous cross-stich pieces to my pinterest board. I don't cross-stich but hope to some day, inspired by your lovelies!

  6. I LOVE your cross stitch projects! Great job!

  7. Your embroidery is exquiste! Those valentines ones are so sweet =)

  8. Google doodle = really classy and cute all at once. =)


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