Sunday, February 26, 2012

A denim skirt.

I made a denim skirt this past first item of clothing sewn in 2012. I hope to do better and average more than one project every two months, but I'm just now getting motivated about sewing clothes again. :)

I haven't owned a denim skirt since I was probably about 10 years old. I think I have this bad image of faded 90s denim in my head that scarred me from wanting one. Until recently, when I saw this one and realized that it could be practical and even pretty if I used dark denim.

I used McCall's pattern M5431, which is the skirt pattern I always use. I think this is my fifth skirt from that pattern? I've only made two skirts without it. I love the pattern because it has a yoke/waistband and hangs nicely, it's really full, and it's the perfect length (just below the knee on me- I'm around 5'8 and usually have to lengthen skirt patterns by several inches). I can't remember what view I always make, but the size I cut fits perfectly and I've never had to make any adjustments to the pattern.

I really recommend this pattern as a first skirt for any new seamstresses- I've been using it since I started sewing almost 3 1/2 years ago. :) It's pretty straight forward and there's only a little hand sewing involved.

This is a silly thing to get excited about, but it's my favorite part of the skirt:

Pockets! I'm such a nerd, but I love the fact that I have Lucy, Ricky, Ethel, and Fred in my pockets. :)

They're just simple side seam pockets. The pattern has an option for pockets, but they're sewn on the front. I used the pocket pattern from the skirt I attempted earlier in the week. The only problem is that I was sort of guessing at things, so the pockets are about an inch and a half lower than they should be. Still usable, but not as comfortable as they could be.

The pocket fabric is a printed novelty cotton from Schoolhouse Fabrics. The fabric for the skirt is a dark denim with a tiny bit of stretch that I got years ago at Walmart (back when we shopped there- I hate that store now, but that's for another post :) for a couple of dollars a yard. I had used little pieces of it here and there for wallets and things. So even though I theoretically had enough yardage, when I went to lay out the pattern, I almost didn't have enough. Some of my cut pieces had corners of selvage, but everything got hidden when I sewed it together. :)

The zipper is just a centered one set in the back seam. The simplest kind, in my opinion. I don't think about things like this when I'm sewing, so I ended up sewing the hook and eye in the opposite way I usually do. So it's a little tricky to hook, but not bothersome enough to change. :)

A look at the hem and an inside seam- finished with one of the stitches on my machine that's sort of like using a serger. I can't remember what the stitch is called.

Here are some of my previous skirts from this pattern. The one on the far right was the first skirt I ever sewed. :)

{P.S. I have got to be the most awkward person ever when it comes to posing for outfit pictures. I can't imagine how fashion bloggers casually and effortlessly do this every day. I always seem to choose the coldest and windiest days to get pictures. Plus I have a cold right now and had some weird stomach thing going on yesterday so I'm not quite feeling like myself. So please forgive my awkwardness. This is why I don't do outfit posts, along with my complete lack of fashion sense. :) Thanks to my mom for taking the pictures before church this morning.}

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  1. AH! That's exactly the kind I was talking about! Oh, I have skirt envy.. No, I'm just kidding ;) You did an amazing job! By the way, you're so pretty! :)

  2. I love the "I Love Lucy" gang in your pockets!!! Skirt looks great!

  3. You did a beautiful job on your skirt. I love that you finished the seams and added such fun pockets. It looks great!

  4. Your skirt looks wonderful! And that's such a great cut on you. You are so pretty and photogenic! I love it when you post pics of the clothes you make.

  5. I have made this pattern a few times. However, I always dread sewing the hem. Any tips? pratosteph (at)


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