Friday, January 20, 2012

Pretty pillows.

With a new quilt, I realized that only a couple of my pillows (I have a ton of pillows on my bed) actually matched the quilt. So it's a perfect time to use some of the pillow tutorials I've had bookmarked for the longest time. :)

I love this tutorial for pillows. And our Hobby Lobby actually had teal/turquoise felt, so it worked out really nicely! :) I made a turquoise one and a red one so far, and I have enough turquoise felt to make another if I want to.

I love how they turned out! Honestly, they're the prettiest and most professional looking pillows I've ever made. I changed two little things while following the tutorial:

-When cutting out the scallops, I only marked them on two adjoining sides of the square. Then I folded the square in half and cut through both layers, which saved a lot of time in marking and cutting out the scalloped edges. You can always go back and trim up your scallops later if they look messy.
-I made it an actual pillow, instead of an envelope pillow cover. Because my existing pillows were a little too big for this tutorial. So I just cut out a 17 x 17 square for the back and then stuffed it with Polyfill.

I also recovered this one big Elvis pillow that my grandma had made me. It's lumpy and perfect and I wanted it to stay that way, only match my quilt. So I covered it in this woodland fabric that is included in my quilt squares and my embroidered pillows. Before:

{I still love Elvis. :) The fabric on this pillow was just sort of worn out and dingy, and the colors don't match my quilt.}

And after:

I've got two more pillows I want to make from tutorials. And then I have an idea for one that I'd like to make myself...and possibly post a tutorial for? I've been wanting to do occasional tutorials on the blog for a while now, but I haven't actually followed through on one yet. But the first ever Sew Technicolor tutorial could be coming in a few weeks. :)

I got this idea the other day when fiddling with rickrack, so I made this little tribute to that blockhead we all know and love.

And remember my Emma cross stitch? I finally got around to framing it.

I guess I could have pressed the fabric a little more before I framed it, huh? :)

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  1. Those pillows are amazing! Your crafty skills always rock my world, love the pics!


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