Sunday, November 20, 2011

The sewing room.

I don't know about you, but I love seeing the studios, craft rooms, and work spaces of other crafters.

Up until about a year ago, my crafting space was the kitchen table. :) Marmee really loved that, I'm sure, because the ironing board was always opened up in the corner and there were always loose threads on the floor. I would occasionally lug everything upstairs to my room, but only during Christmas time or near birthdays when I had to work on something in secret.

Then just before Christmas last year, my dad started cleaning out a corner in a small room in our house. It's sort of the mud room/storage room. He packed up some of his stuff that he wasn't using and, wow! I had a sewing corner.

Several months ago, we got rid of the huge chest freezer in the room and did some rearranging, and now I have half of the room to use as my sewing space. :) It is so nice to have this space just for crafting. So nice not to drag the sewing machine and ironing board around and clean my stuff off the table at every meal time.

I took these pictures of the sewing room last month. I apologize for any fuzziness or bad lighting. There is plenty of light in the area where I work, but it's a hard room to get photos of and it wasn't especially sunny that day.

My dad put up these shelves for me a couple of months ago. It's really neat because, other than the shelves and two storage containers I got on sale at Target, everything in my sewing room was already there or recycled from something else!

I finally got a new ironing board cover this year. The last one was brown and hideous. This one is pretty, but the only bad thing is that it's so light that any stains or anything really show! The week after I got it, I accidentally bled some hot pink fabric, so now there's a faded pink square on it. :)

Shelves above the cutting table:

Don't be jealous! I ♥ Sully.

On the top shelf is my special use-very-sparingly-because-I-don't-know-when-I'll-be-able-to-find-more fabric. My fabric.

I use this old hat rack that was bolted onto the wall for my embroidery hoops and rickrack. :)

I bought this storage container from Target to keep my finished items in. The ones that are small enough to fit, that is.

On the bottom shelf is fabric that I'm willing to use on items for my Etsy shop.

My current inspiration board. It's an old corkboard that used to be on my grandma's back porch. It contains fabric, Peanuts comic strips, pictures from magazines and Etsy, a picture of my grandparents in the 40s, paint chips, etc.

Inspiration board, thread organizer, picture of European village, and London calendar. :)

Vintage sewing machine! :) I usually keep it covered, but when I'm in the sewing room I take off the cover so I can look at its prettyness while I craft.

Part of the high table where I cut fabric and do all other crafting.

The Hershey's can was bought back from someone else's vacation to PA, and now it holds most of my bookbinding supplies. Little print is from Flapper Doodle. Pictures are from various calendars (I always keep pretty calendars. You can frame the pictures afterwards! I think all of the Europe pictures in my sewing room came from a $1 calendar that I bought specifically to cut up.)

My cutting area.

I use jars to hold my zippers, pens, markers, rotary cutter, labels, buttons, etc.

We found these two containers while we were transforming the mudroom into the sewing room last year. So I keep snaps, glue, purse hardware in the tin container with asparagus (?) on the front. And craft felt scraps in the big jar.

Underneath that is where I keep my two totes full of fabric scraps, my packing supplies, and my $10 clearance rolling container (thank you, Target!) full of patterns.

My actual sewing table. I really only sit here while I'm sewing. I totally cheated on that seat cushion- it's made out of that fabric that already looks like patchwork. :)

P.S. My big metal trash can was also found while we were cleaning out the room.

My shelves! This helped so much with me getting more organized.

Pattern books (Hobby Lobby sells them for like $2 when the covers are messed up or they're a couple of seasons old), felt, Polyfill, and lots of scrap muslin fabric from old curtains.

Train case (my first one) full of random sewing supplies, like bias tape, elastic, etc. Storage containers with beads and some scrapbooking supplies.

These were on one of my birthday cakes when I was little. We found them a few months ago and I knew they had to go in the sewing room. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie, by the way. :)

Craft books (I have an addiction).

Button tin and stack of fleece, batting, interfacing, etc.

Vintage train cases are not only adorable, but they're really nice for storing stuff in! This one holds almost all of my paper crafting supplies, plus some other stuff. Ribbon, hot glue gun, paint, stamps and stamp pads, awl, notecards, etc.

Basket of yarn on the sewing table:

My binder full of patterns and tutorials I find online or buy on Etsy, and my little vintage sewing book:

{That mass to the right side is my poor neglected quilt...}

Embroidery that has yet to be framed, on the wall beneath the shelves. And a map where I put a tiny dot in every place that I've sold something to. The map is too small and I'm working on a bigger, clearer visual for that. :)

My clothesline display of various prints.

{Sources, L to R: free postcard from The Little Fox, two grab bag prints from Flapper Doodle, print I won that I can't remember the shop for- oops, free print from The Black Apple, and photo of my cousin's little girl last Halloween.
Second line: Brian Selznick illustration, I think from Wonderstruck-haven't got to read that one yet!, " " from Hugo Cabret, Halloween embroidery- which has since been replaced by the "George Lassos the Moon" piece, Series of Unfortunate Events illustration by Brett Helquist, and another Brian Selznick illustration. I love this style of illustration, can you tell?}

So that's it. That's my sewing room. I know the pictures are dark and bad, but I hope you get the general idea. :) Even though it's sort of random and cluttered, everything is organized and it's where I love to create.

But I hope you guys know that I took those pictures on a day where everything was nice and clean. I have to organize things and put everything back in its place about once a week, or I go crazy.

These pictures were taken this week, and this is what the space really looks like most of the time:

Until next time,


  1. I LOVE your Emma and It's A Wonderful Life embroideries! What a cute idea!

  2. I like how you decorated your room!

    I love looking at photos of pretty rooms, when I can't be in them myself anyway!

    thanks for sharing :)

  3. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your space! :)

  4. What a cute little sewing space you have! It's nice that you've been able to take over a decent portion of that room. And, you've done such a great job organizing everything. Love the picture of Granny and Granddaddy, too.


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