Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A knitting success & book finds.

Another long term crafting project (that should not have been long term) completed this week...

My first pair of wristwarmers!

The first one has been completed for over a month. I've just been working a little too slowly on the second one. I made them using instructions from a knitting book I got at the library. They're made with rib stitch, and I used Lion Brand (I think? Isn't that what it's called) fisherman's wool. I used that yarn because I had bought it on clearance and it's all I had at the time. Even though it isn't an exceptionally pretty color, it's brown and I wear a lot of brown, so they will match a lot of my outfits.

Yes, that is Oliver rubbing his head on the wristwarmer. He must like wool.

I had to adjust the pattern a little bit, because it called for size 9 needles, and the largest double pointed ones Hobby Lobby had were size 8. So I had to add a few extra stitches and meander around a little bit with the thumb- it told me to pick up stitches and I wasn't quite sure how to do that (despite watching YouTube videos). But I improvised, and they turned out fine!

I did get off on the rib stitch on the first one, right shown below, above the thumb. But I avoided that on the second one. I also avoided binding off the top too tightly, which I did on the first one.

{Thanks to my mom for the picture of the pair. I had never thought about it before- that I wouldn't be able to take pictures of the pair while wearing them! :)}

Today me, my mom, and a friend of hers had a girls' day out in a nearby town. We had a great time, including shopping, a good lunch, and frozen yogurt for dessert (from a place where you make your own, toppings and all, and pay according to the weight).

I went in Barnes and Noble, a treat because the only bookstores in our town are Goodwill and the bargain bookstores (not that I'm complaining about them!). I had forgotten the huge amount of books they have- books that I've never been able to pick up and hold in person, ones that I've only seen online.

But I did experience a little sticker shock. I usually pay $2-$7 for books, rarely more than about $12. So seeing that most of the books were $8-$25 was sort of scary.

I also did not appreciate the bag.

Dear Barnes and Noble,

Don't you know of my hatred for e-readers and e-books? Don't you realize that they're practically against my religion? I'm not interested in your Nook. Why would you put my beautiful real books in a bag like this? Next time I'll bring a fabric reusable bag, okay?


I did get a few good things today: a couple of little skeins of Sugar'n'Cream yarn, The BGF {by Roald Dahl}, the second Mysterious Benedict Society book {by Trenton Lee Stewart}, Wives and Daughters {by Elizabeth Gaskell}, and the 2006 Jane Eyre mini series!

{I really do have an obsession with collecting period dramas. I saw the 2006 mini series through Netflix a while back and loved it- I don't think I blogged about it yet, but I will after rewatching it tonight! :) I went in our Sam's Club last week, planning on buying it because they have had it for as long as I can remember. Guess what? They didn't have it. So I found it today in a different Sam's.}

Until next time,


  1. Oh they look so good! And warm =) I do love the color.
    Have you seen the new Jane Eyre? I watched it the other night. Not bad, but I prefer the 1996 one with William Hurt!

  2. Oh those wrist warmers turned out wonderfully! Congrats! :) And YAY 2006 Jane Eyre!


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