Monday, November 28, 2011

Florida Keys {Day 6: Pigeon Key- Part 2}

Here are some more pictures of Pigeon Key, the lovely island where we spent our last day in the Keys.

Looking down from the old bridge:

After it was the railroad, this became the highway into the Keys until the 80s. It was called the glass highway because if you didn't fold your side mirrors in, they would get broken by passing traffic. Tractor trailers and campers and cars flying past each other and passing each other on this narrow little road? Sounds pretty scary to me. :)

See this house? You can rent it by the week. That would be the coolest thing, I think- like being on your own private island (only about three other people live on the island permanently, directors of the programs and such).

The rocky beach area had shelled sea creatures everywhere. Including what I guess are dried up ones. Ew. :)

A cat and a duck (named Ducky) live on Pigeon Key. Nobody knows exactly how they got there (either someone brought them or they walked on the 2 mile bridge to get there). Our guide said the duck appeared after a hurricane several years ago.

And this is what the island life is all about. :)

After going on the tour with the guide, you can spend as long as you want on the island. The last boat leaves at 4:00, but you can stay later than that, you just have to walk back. :) We stayed a couple of hours, eating our picnic lunch and wandering around and just relaxing. Then the boat was making its last trip earlier than usual, because the wind was really bad.

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at Bahia Honda State Park. We went there on our last trip, and my favorite pictures from last time were of the beach and palm trees with the old bridge in the background. They have beaches and trails there. This time it was just as beautiful, though the storm had pulled a lot of seaweed and stuff up on the beach.

On the trail up the hill to the observation area on the old bridge:

Looking down from the bridge:

We spent our last evening on our beach and then walked over to Sunset Park to see our last Keys sunset. :(

{I think this is the first time I've ever used a sad face on my blog. And it feels weird. But our last evening of vacation was sad and deserves a sad face.}

I took about twenty photos of the sun as it disappeared.

It was beautiful.

Coming up: Day 7, coming home and the African Queen. :)

Until next time,


  1. Hi! Beautiful pictures. I visited Key Wesst, but it was in a cloudy day. It was not too beautiful.

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