Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A steering wheel don't mean you can drive.

Dear Switchfoot,
You guys are pretty much the best thing ever. Thanks so much for the gorgeous new album.

I'm currently on my third listen of the day. :) "Thrive" is my favorite right now.

{The new album is Vice Verses. It came out today. These guys are on a roll. First Hello Hurricane, and now this?? I know you probably only clicked on this post because of the awesome title. :) It's a line from "Thrive"-isn't it great?}

Until next time,


  1. Thrive is fantastic. I also love Souvenir. But really, they're all perfect.

  2. The whole album is amazing. I must admit that I work at a Christian bookstore and saw Switchfoot's new CD in our backroom long before the release date...so, I put it in "my basket" at work to make sure I got a Deluxe Edition copy of the album when it came out yesterday. It was SO worth it! I HEART Switchfoot!!


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