Sunday, July 17, 2011


I love the look of inky words scrawled on old paper. Even Jane Austen's rough drafts look beautiful- splotches, scribbles, and all. I would write all day if it would look like this.

{This handwritten manuscript of The Watsons recently sold for $1.6 million at auction.}

I wonder what my teacher would do if I submitted my online assignment typed in a Harry Potter font. :)

Isn't this the most adorable necklace ever? The tutorial is here- I got the supplies the other day and hope to make one tomorrow. The books are tiny! They come from the dollhouse aisle in Hobby Lobby, which is full of sweet little things. Dishes and chairs and wardrobes. I had a sudden desire to buy the blue farmhouse. If I ever have daughters, they'll have a beautiful dollhouse (okay, maybe my plastic, heavy-duty one when they're little, but a pretty wooden one when they're old enough :).

On a more serious note, I've come to a point where I need to rethink my priorities. I am a master procrastinator and time waster, and that has to change. I have so many things that I want to do {read, sew, craft, watch old movies, etc.} and so many things that I need to do {focus on finishing my last college class- it ends the 26th, thank goodness!, work on my homemaking skills (or lack of them), help out more around the house and farm, work on the not-so-fun aspects of an Etsy shop (taking item photos-ugh), etc.}.

And sometimes I have trouble balancing the things I want to do with the things I need to do. I tend to lean towards the "want" side, you know. But if I could stop wasting so much time, I think I would have time to balance everything nicely. Or at least more successfully than I do now.

For example, I just happened to look at my Etsy shop earlier today, and I realized that I was down to about eight items listed. I knew that I hadn't sold or deactivated that many listings, so I was puzzled. Then I realized that I had accidentally let half of my listings expire.

I'm not going to stop blogging (it's one of those I like to do). I'm just going to start limiting my time online- it's a big time waster for me. I haven't done much sewing in several weeks now, and not creating is driving me crazy. I need to make things. But first, I need to straighten up my sewing corner so I don't get incredibly stressed out when I try to make things. :)

I guess what I'm rambling about comes down to this: I want to spend my time more wisely. I want to see what's important and push aside the distractions.

Until next time,


  1. I understand exactly what you're talking about. I recently had to make some 'lists' of things that need to get done, as well as make more time for reading/writing.
    I LOVE that manuscript. I just had my mom send me some old calligraphy books she had so I can work on my handwriting (it's not very pretty).
    Stay focused and motivated and the results will be great! And you'll feel better too =)

  2. I also can really understand this. I remember when I graduated from college it took me a long time to really transition to the next phase of my life and now I am in a place like that again. Even though it can be hard, positivity is the hardest thing to maintain but it's the best for motivation!


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