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Movie roundup {blogs, films, & Jerry Lewis}.

I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately. This is a catch-up post. I've been swimming, avoiding doing homework, trying to finish rereading the HP series before July 14th midnight (just starting Goblet of Fire), and watching a ridiculous amount of movies.

{By the way, I've disabled the autoplay feature on my music playlist at the bottom of the page. I did it because, honestly, when I go to other people's blogs, I usually don't listen to their playlists that are going automatically. Most of the time I'm listening to music of my own, and when I have my computer speakers on, it startles me to have other music suddenly playing. And one day it hit me, duh, people probably feel the same way about mine. :) But I hope you all will listen to my playlist while you browse my blog, because it's music that I really love and want to share! Now you just have to scroll down and hit the play button if you want to listen. Also, I cleaned up the sidebar a tiny bit (you probably won't even notice) and I did a little updating on my pages. Just wanted to let you guys know!}

 See, my family is in the process of getting rid of our satellite TV, because we rarely watch television (I have all of my favorite shows on DVD, so I never hook up the satellite). And we're considering getting Netflix, so we've been doing the 1 month free trial thing. And I'm hooked. :) I've added like 17 movies to the "Instant Queue" to watch eventually. I'm a little overwhelmed, because there are all of these old movies that I've always wanted to see but never had access to, and now all of a sudden they're right there in front of me. :)

I've also been listening to the Avett Brothers' "I and Love and You" CD constantly on repeat. I love it. I listened to it when I cleaned out my closet this week, which was practically an all-day event. This is what half of my room looked like at one point during that afternoon. I have no idea how all of this stuff even came out out of my little closet!

Yes, that's a real cat on that old pillow. Ollie loves to be nosy and get in the way when you're cleaning.

Don't worry- things got better eventually. I threw away a whole garbage bag of trash- apparently I'm a hoarder at heart and have to purge things every so often!

{Excuse the fan- it's very warm in my room so I keep two fans going during the day.}

Being the movie nerd I am, I wanted to mention the films that I watched through Netflix this week. Instead of writing full reviews, I'll just summarize my thoughts in this post. :)

1. When In Rome, starring Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel

This movie was pretty cute. It's a little odd and quirky, which is good. Too cheesy and far-fetched at times, and I could have done without some of the content. But for a modern day romantic comedy, it was surprisingly clean (it's rated PG-13 but I thought it could have been rated PG). It was sweet and I found myself laughing a lot.

2. Send Me No Flowers, starring Doris Day and Rock Hudson

I loved this! This was the first movie I saw with Doris Day and Rock Hudson (I think they made three romantic comedies together?), and I love them together. And the plot is hilarious: George (Hudson) is a hypochondriac who overhears his doctor talking about how one of his patients only has a few weeks to live. He mistakenly gets the idea that it's him the doctor is discussing, so he sets out to enjoy his last bit of time with his wife and...find her a new husband for when he's gone. :) This leads to all sorts of hilarious messes. It was seriously funny- a great 60s romantic comedy.

3. Three Guys Named Mike, starring Jane Wyman, Van Johnson, Howard Keel, and Barry Sullivan

This was my favorite movie that I watched this week, so I'm going to talk about it quite a bit. :) I had never even heard of it before- it was a recommendation from Netflix. I loved it! It wasn't quite what I expected from the summary. I loved that the setting revolved so much around an airline stewardess in the 50s- it was so interesting! And the stewardess has three guys named Mike (ha) interested in her. They were all nice guys, but I was rooting for two of them: the characters played by Howard Keel and Van Johnson.

I think this is the first black and white, non-musical role I've seen Howard Keel in (he is singing in his first shot in the film, but that's the only time), and I was impressed. You know how some actors and actresses seem to be made for black and white film? I think Howard Keel is like that. I love him in Technicolor, too, but he was ridiculously handsome in black and white. Same thing with Van Johnson. :) This isn't too great of a picture, but it's the best one I could find of all of the main characters.

3. The Bellboy, starring Jerry Lewis
I've only ever seen Jerry Lewis in The Nutty Professor so far, and a few clips online from game shows and of his shows with Dean Martin. I've been wanting to see more of his films....this one was good, but not as good as I expected. I think the DVD case called it...a riot of fun, a riot of laughter, or something like that? And I wouldn't go quite that far. :) There were only a few parts that I thought were really funny. I think it was because he doesn't speak hardly any in this film (in his major role, that is). I've never really been into the silent, slapstick kind of humor- I'm more into witty banter (think His Girl Friday). I do like Jerry Lewis' physical humor in this film, but I prefer him when he's speaking.

But I seem oddly drawn to Jerry Lewis. I'm not sure why, considering I've only seen two of his films. I love watching interviews with actors and actresses, and trying to figure out what they were like in "real life" compared to their roles in movies. And I kind of like Jerry Lewis' personality, or at least how he comes across, on and off screen. I know- I've read stories about him, his attitude, his being conceited, etc. And I do think he seems the slightest bit arrogant in some interviews, but I also think he seems kind and respectful and he always speaks his mind. And of course he's funny and talented.

I think this video was made me really start to like him. I love the way he smiles when he gets tickled at what someone else says. :)

And really, when he's not making those funny faces he's so famous for, he's actually kind of handsome. {Wow, I am sounding really shallow in this post! Always talking about how handsome somebody is...:) Forgive me! I'm just being honest.} For so long, I had only known him as one of his characters in The Nutty Professor- either awkward, ugly Professor Kelp or oily-haired, jerky Buddy Love. So when I saw other pictures of him, I was like, wow, this is what he really looks like? That's what his hair really looks like? :)

One last minute thing, and I'll end this crazy, rambling post. Lizzy is hosting a blog party this month. There's all kinds of awesomeness going on, including giveaways. And there are classic movies involved, which is enough to catch my interest! :) I'll be putting up my first post for the party soon.


I'm thinking about doing something special in August here at Sew Technicolor, to celebrate finishing my last college class (it ends the last week of July). Maybe a blog party or a classic movie marathon? Or maybe something Elvis-related? I don't know yet. :) Any suggestions?

Until next time,

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  1. Love your blog! Thanks for the movie review on When in Rome, I'll have to check it out. :)


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