Thursday, July 14, 2011

In the Good Old Summertime: Week 2


This is week two of Lizzy's blog party! This week, she's giving away a pair of vintage earrings and two vintage handkerchiefs. Check it out here. Here are my answers to the questions:

What is your favorite way to outwardly display your femininity (jewelry, nail polish, frilly dresses, etc.)?

I guess jewelry? But I don't even wear a lot of that (a necklace and a ring usually). I don't wear nail polish, and the last time I wore a frilly dress was probably about 15 years ago. :) My outfits usually consist of jeans,  a t-shirt or button-up shirt, and flats. I think that I dress in a feminine way, but not over-the-top. I generally only wear skirts or dresses to church, but I like the idea of wearing skirts more often. I just associate skirts with dressing up and feel odd wearing them in more casual situations. :)

What's your favorite color(s) to wear?

Looking at my closet, most of my clothes are dark blue, brown, and black. So I guess those are unintentionally my favorites. :) I do like wearing purple, teal, and yellow, though. I don't like pink.

Who do you closely relate to in style and taste (b&w actresses, etc.)?

I don't know...I don't put too much thought into style and fashion, to be honest. But I guess I would be more likely to wear something simple like the styles of Judy Garland or Jean Arthur in the 40s. Or maybe Doris Day? I love Audrey Hepburn's style but would be unable to pull it off. :)

 {Jean Arthur always wore the cutest hats. I think of this one as the Peter Pan hat.}

What fictional character (book, movie, etc.) do you think strongly presents herself as truly feminine? (or your favorite feminine character(s) at the very least. ;))

Probably Elinor Dashwood or Lizzy Bennet. For reasons I've mentioned before.

(Completely random, but it's been bugging me.) Generally, do you think eye shadow should match/compliment skin tones or simply match your current outfit?

I really don't have an opinion about this...I don't wear make-up. :) But I think that, in general, eye shadow should compliment skin tones. I am not a fan of bright, tacky, glittery eye shadow. I don't care if it does match your shirt or whatever, it just doesn't look good. Audrey is the only one who could pull that off. And even she wore a black lace mask over hers. :) And that's all I have to say about that.

Until next time,

P.S. Raising Homemakers is having a giveaway for a courtship webinar (online seminar) here. Check it out!

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