Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sewing day.

I don't think I've mentioned this, but Monday was my last official day of "real" college classes. I thought I was going to have to go back today and possibly next Monday during exam times, but I ended up not having to. Graduation is next week.

So even though I still have to take two online classes this summer to finish my degree and I might have to go to the college occasionally over the summer, I will never again have to spend all day in town for classes. Or eat crackers for supper in an empty classroom. Or drive home from class in the dark, hovering my foot above the brake pedal because I'm worried about hitting a deer (I know it's incorrect, but I drive with two feet- one for the gas and one for the brakes :). Yay!

Today I spent the whole day sewing. I haven't done that since...February, maybe? Or March? It felt amazing to get to do something creative. I have so many ideas for projects and things I want to do. I finished two wallets (one is an order for my teacher's daughter) and an iPod/cell phone cozy. I don't have pictures yet, because the sun wasn't out much today, especially by the time I finished everything.

Apparently my crafting skills are really out of practice. Today I managed to cut myself three times with the rotary cutter and decoupage my hands, the legs of a stool, a large spot on the carpet, and the outside of the ModgePodge container when I knocked it off a table and it splattered everywhere (the lid wasn't on tight).

It was a cool and breezy day, so I opened the windows and got plenty of natural light at my sewing table. I watched the leaves turn upside down like they were waiting for rain and shared the table with my brother's nosy cat, who was stalking a butterfly that was resting on the bush outside. And listened to a variety of music, including this song, this song (I've never seen the movie. And since when did I start liking bluegrass-tinged music? I think it started with the Avett Brothers and the Civil Wars), and this song (the original Broadway version, though). My likes in music vary like that. :) There was also a little swing and Bing thrown in there.

And I finally painted the frame my grandma gave me to put my embroidery piece in. The yellow turned out a little brighter than I expected (I had to do three coats to cover up the dark wood), but I'm sort of liking its tackiness. And it's not really as bright as the picture makes it look. It's actually about the same color as my car. :) And my wall is really light blue (not grayish white like it appears in the picture), so it looks pretty against it.

And now I leave you with a picture of Jack and my brother's cat, Oliver, watching out my window a few nights ago. Jack cracks me up. He looks like a chubby little kid leaning on his elbows.

P.S. Did you know that Cary Grant's daughter wrote a book about him that came out yesterday? Or that Dick Van Dyke's new memoir was also released yesterday? I can't wait to read them both! They're on the way from Amazon. :)

 Until next time,


  1. Your embroidery looks gorgeous framed!

  2. The embroidery looks amazing! And can I just tell you, the picture of the cats is HILARIOUS, because at my parents' house they have Pepper (all black) and Mr. K (orange and white) - that photo could've been of the two of them!!

    Thanks for the heads up about those two memoirs, off to check them out!

  3. I've been wanting to read those two memoirs too. Let me know how they are. Two of my favorite men.


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