Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{Where she walks, no flowers bloom.}

Today's post will be all over the place. :) I want to do some structured posts soon {such as a continuation of my children's literature "series," which so far, consists of one post}, but I've been a little stressed lately with school assignments and that end of the semester rush. So this post reflects the state of my mind right now. :)

-I worked for at the college child care center for somewhere between 1 and 1.5 months last summer for work study. Long story short, I ended up getting a tax refund check a few days ago. For $8. The lady at the bank laughed at me when I cashed it. Then we had to run to Target. Mom send me to the back to get something for her, where I was inevitably sucked into the books/music/movie section {this happens quite often. I blame it on some sort of bizarre atmospheric condition}. Where I saw a bunch of movies on sale for $3.99, including Becoming Jane and the 1995 version of Persuasion. And guess what? I just happened to have exactly $8 in my wallet. :) Yeah, I bought them.

Becoming Jane is one of those movies I desperately want to love. I've seen it three or four times, and I like parts of it, but overall I'm still a little disappointed. I wrote some about it here. I bought it because of the dances, the scenery and music, Anne Hathaway, and because it's "based" on the life of one of my favorite authors.

Now to Persuasion. I had never seen this adaptation before. The only Persuasion movie I'd seen was the 2007 one (which most Austenites hate...I actually love it). I liked the 1995 one a lot. Is it just me, or does Captain Wentworth remind you vaguely of Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon in '95 S&S? Especially in this picture:
My main problem was with the Anne character's facial expressions. For most of the movie, she looks depressed and on the verge of tears. I've never seen a gloomier looking person. I thought I would never see her smile (but she was pretty when she did!). For the rest of the movie, she had a wide-eyed expression of fear, anxiety, and/or shock. I was concerned for poor Anne Elliot!
I loved seeing so many familiar faces, most notably Sophie Thompson as her sister Mary (also known as Miss Bates from '95 Emma) and Fiona Shaw as Mrs. Croft (surprisingly pleasant! I only knew her as the sour-faced Aunt Petunia from HP).

-Speaking of HP, I can't wait for Friday! I have to help out with something at the child care center that morning, but I am of course stopping by Target on the way home to pick up Deathly Hallows: Part 1.

-Jack, my cat, cracks me up. Right now, he's in a stage that reminds me of a teenager. Whenever I try to pick him up {this is no easy task- he weighs about 20 pounds} and love on him, he squirms and bristles up in embarrassment. But he's just so fuzzy and adorable that I can't resist. :)

Especially when he watches out the windows.

-My birthday is next week. I'm so excited. I don't have classes that day, so I plan on seriously enjoying myself. :)

-I have been listening to the Civil Wars' CD and Eisley's newest CD The Valley nearly nonstop since they were released. The Valley is a little different from Eisley's previous CDs. Much more rock-ish, and less whimsical. A lot of the songs were written during the time one of the members was going through a divorce, so they aren't exactly happy songs, but they are hopeful. And I just love the Civil Wars CD. It's sort of folk with a major country feel (and it's so hard to find clean country). It's amazing! These are two of my favorite songs from the two CDs.

{I learned about both of these bands on Natalie's blog. Along with the Avett Brothers and lots of other awesome music and books. She always has the best recommendations.}

Until next time,


  1. I love Becoming Jane - the bittersweet quality of the storyline gets me EVERY time. That and my infatuation with James McAvoy. :) I have never gotten into the '95 Persuasion, tho...

    And your cat is adorable, thanks for sharing the pics!

  2. Hello, Kristin! I've just stumbled upon your blog, googling Arsenic and Old Lace! Anyway, I'm so glad I did - I think I've found a kindred spirit. :-)


    P.S. I agree with you about Becoming Jane. And as for Persuasion - it's a quiet movie, one that "grows" on you. Give it some time. :-)

  3. I agree with you on Persuasion. Anne does have that wide eyed shocked look alot haha
    However it's the only version I've seen so I do enjoy it... I really want to see the BBC version. Have you seen that one?
    Your kitty is so cute!


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