Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I recently read this amazing little book: Stargirl. 

I loved it. Seriously. I kept thinking, why didn't I read this when I was in middle school or right in the middle of my teen years? I should have. The whole book was quirky and fun and heartbreaking and unlike anything I've read.

I loved Stargirl, the character. She was a homeschooler who begins attending public high school. This book follows her from the first day, when she creates amazement among the students, through her highs and lows of popularity. She's pretty much what I want to be: creative, (mostly) content with her oddities, joyful, and always seeking beauty. Her whole existence revolves around doing good for other people, little random acts of kindness. Like dropping loose change (I was reminded of Operation Beautiful, for some reason). Singing the birthday song to each student on his or her birthday, in the cafeteria and accompanied by her ukulele. She wears whatever she wants to wear. And I loved seeing Stargirl from the outside, through another person's perspective. (But can I just say that I hated that Leo was so quick to accept and choose Susan?)

And this is who I kept picturing Stargirl as. Luna Lovegood. Their personalities just seemed so similar.

Then I read the sequel: Love, Stargirl. At first, I wasn't too sure about this one. But it grew on me. I came to love the supporting characters, especially Betty and Charlie. I loved knowing what Stargirl was thinking and feeling. There were so many parts that by themselves would mean nothing. But because they're part of Stargirl's world and mean so much to her, I realized they meant a lot to me, too. The ending was perfect.

And today I surprised myself a little by buying this book. I usually don't go for the bestseller, popular books. I know that I mentioned I was going to get it from the library, but they didn't have it. When I saw it in Target today, I don't know what overcame me- maybe it was the cheap price of the paperback or the fact that it's been weeks since I bought a book. So I got it. I haven't started it yet. :)

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  1. All great books! I was really skeptical about "The Hunger Games" but they're really excellent. I really like how it shows a futuristic, dystopian society and how people can rise against it.

  2. Ooh, those books look fun.

    And "Hunger Games"? I have been wondering if I should read it... so be sure and let us know what you think!

  3. Those Stargirl books sound charming. :)


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