Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I like Target.

Guess what came out today?

And yes, I've already watched it. It's even better the second time around!

While in Target, grasping the aforementioned movie, I found this adorable set of three little notebooks. One of them is definitely my favorite, but I'm not letting myself use it quite yet. :)

{They're approx. 3.25 x 5.25 inches, and were surprisingly cheap. Also, they're made out of recycled materials.}

I've come across some inspiring writing/journaling blogs lately. And I've also realized that there are many times when I'm in town, at school, etc. when I need to write down something: a book title, a person's name, a song, or a list. And all I have in my bag is an ugly sticky note. So now, there will be cute little notebook in my purse at all times. :)

Until next time,

{P.S. Does anyone know why Blogger formatting has been so weird lately?}


  1. Target is one of my top favorite stores! It is so adorable and has such a happy feeling. And their products are cute, too. :)

  2. Happy Tangled release day! I bought my copy today as well, haven't watched it yet though. :) And those journals are adorable!

  3. Those notebooks are way cool; I should get a Big Ben one, next time we're at Target. :)

  4. I love those notebooks! Especially the London one. :)

  5. You can never have too many notebooks/journals!

  6. Oh, I forgot that Tangled was being released today. How exciting!! :D

    Those notebooks are too cute! I love the Eiffel Tower one. :)


  7. i looooove tangled :)
    can't wait to watch it again.

  8. Love Target. And Tangled. I had no clue I would love it so much when I went to see it - but it is one of my most favorite Disney movies. I talked my nephew into going. He told me every five seconds that it was a girl-movie. He will not admit to liking it (though he totally did). :)

    Saw these today and thought of you:


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