Saturday, February 12, 2011

What I Read: January

Inspired by Mindy's post, I've decided to put up a post at the end of each month, telling about the books that I read that month.

In the past, I have put up real reviews of some books, but others have gotten pushed to the back and never really even mentioned, even if they were incredible books! So this way, every book gets recognized. :) I'll still do some lengthier reviews, as well. are the books I read in January (sorry I'm a bit late :):

Fancy Pants, by Cathy Marie Hake

A very sweet, funny story about a girl (Sydney) who escapes an arranged marriage by taking refuge at her uncle's ranch/farm and masquerading as a boy (Syd). Very enjoyable!

The Silent Governess, by Julie Klassen

I loved this book! I really meant to write a real review of it. It was very Jane Austenish/Jane Eyreish, and pretty much perfect. I couldn't put it down when I got started. To read a real review of its awesomeness, check out Ruth's great review here. :)

The Truth About Dating, Love, and Just Being Friends, by Chad Eastham

You guys can read all about this one here.

Save the Date, by Jenny B. Jones

Okay, I really wish I had written a review about Save the Date like I intended to. I was so excited about this book! Jenny B. Jones has turned out to be one of my favorite authors. Not only is she ridiculously hilarious, but apparently she also has some serious snow dancing skills. I was hoping that Save the Date would live up to her other wonderful books, and it definitely did. I loved the plot, the humor, Lucy's love for vintageness, the theme that everyone can relate to, and especially the characters of Clare and Julian. So now I have to go reread Just Between You and Me and the Charmed Life series and anxiously await her next book. :)

My Life in France, by Julia Child

I loved this book. And I really didn't expect to. I got it from the library back during my European travel crisis a few weeks ago. I mostly got it because of the focus on France, not because I know anything about cooking. I knew what Julia Child looked like and had heard her famous voice, but I didn't really know anything about her. This book is fascinating! It's mostly about the years that Julia and her husband lived in France and how she came to love French cooking, but it covers up through the time that she cowrote Mastering the Art of French Cooking and began filming her TV show The French Chef.

I especially loved the first half- with her detailed reflections of her beloved France. And the seemed that I always ended up reading this book close to a meal time, and her descriptions made me hungry (most of them, anyway :). The second half lags a little as she writes about writing the famous cookbooks, but you have to appreciate the detail and devotion she showed in making the books perfect (sometimes testing out recipes a dozen times just to be sure!).

I loved reading about her relationship with her husband, Paul. Their relationship seemed so comfortable and their love for each other comes across beautifully. And his gorgeous photographs are scattered throughout the book, adding to her descriptions. In short, this book gave me information about France, a peek into Julia Child's fascinating life, and *gasp* more interest in and appreciation for cooking.

Well, that's it for January. I guess in a couple of weeks it'll be time for the February list! :)

Until next time,


  1. I just read The Silent Governess as well. Such a great book! Now I'm reading another Julie Klassen book, Lady of Milkweed Manor.

  2. Glad you are still going to do lengthier reviews of some books. :) But this type of post is a great idea, making sure that all the bases get covered! And thanks for linking to my review of Governess, you're awesome. :)

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