Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It seems that I collect clocks.

I say "it seems" because it didn't happen intentionally. I didn't just decide one day that I wanted to start collecting them. It came from the fact that I love and collect vintage (or vintage inspired) things.

I just love this clock from Target. It would look perfect in the yellow and red kitchen I hope to have someday. :) It's even lovelier in person...the red is darker.
{I haven't bought it yet, but I might when I get a little extra money.}

In my bedroom, I currently have six clocks. I had seven, but I moved the small Wizard of Oz one into the sewing room. I love it...when things are really quiet around here, it sounds like Geppetto's work shop in the Pinocchio movie.

Now that I think about it, every single one of these clocks was a Christmas present. I guess I get one nearly every year. :)

I have this singing Elvis clock. Every hour, it plays a sped-up excerpt of "Don't Be Cruel" or "Hound Dog." To those who are not fond of Elvis, this is obnoxious. I love it. :)

This is one of my Lucy clocks. Unfortunately, the clock part doesn't work (it never has, even when it was brand new), but the bottom part does spin.

This is my other Lucy clock. It's made of glass and the colors match really well with my room.

This Elvis clock swings his legs. :) I think this is the first clock I ever got, so even with new batteries, he's still a little slow these days.

I love Kit Kat Clocks! Aren't they adorable in a slightly creepy way? :) Mine is a newer reproduction, but I'd love to find one of the vintage electric ones some day.

{Disclaimer: none of the photos here are mine. I found them all on Google.}

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  1. I have a lovely pink floral porcelain clock. I'll take a picture sometime and show it to you. It's gorgeous :)

  2. These are so fun!! Last year, I went to visit a friend in her house (which I hadn't been in yet). It was an old house and the man who used to live there had a clock repair shop inside. There were clocks all over the place. I thought, "There's a story here..." but I'm still not sure exactly what it is :) Timepieces are so wonderfully fun and mysterious though.

  3. Oh what fun! Red is my favorite color, and that first clock would look lovely in my kitchen, where that lovely crimson red is my highlight color of choice.


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