Sunday, January 2, 2011

A curvy clutch.

I feel slightly alarmed by the amount of pink that my blog has been including lately. I'm not even fond of pink.

Yesterday, I made this adorable clutch (that I am keeping for myself! :). It's made from the Keyka Lou "Curvy Clutch/Wristlet" pattern found here. I never, ever spend that much money on a pattern. I think the most I had ever paid for one before now was $2. But I bought the pattern last week in a spur-of-the-moment decision that resulted from my frustration with my own clutch patterns. I have a design for an angular one that I like, but I could never get a curved one down perfectly.

I'm super happy with how it turned out, but I will be changing a few things next time. Some parts of it were very fiddly and time-consuming. But after a little bit of altering of some of the steps, I'm hoping that some of these clutches will be popping up in my Etsy shop soon! :)

I love, love this fabric! It's home decor fabric (most likely for a baby nursery) that I got on clearance. I'm hoping to get some more if they reduce it more. It's called "Going to the Zoo," and it has so many adorable little scenes that I wanted to fit onto the clutch. But since I don't have a lot of this fabric, I couldn't waste it by arranging things just how I wanted them. The only bad thing about it is that it gets wrinkly really easily.

I did end up with the birdcage on the front flap, a giraffe on the front side, and the balloon peddler on the back. :)

I also love that it has a removable wristlet option. I love clutches, because of their lovely vintageness, but they're not very convenient for shopping. But with a wrist strap they are! :)

I couldn't decide what lining fabric to use, until I remembered this really soft seersucker-type fabric. It's red and white stripes.

It closes with two magnetic snaps, and there's a small pocket inside.

Last night, I watched "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" again. It's such an incredible movie, but I always feel miserable for most of the time I'm watching it. :) I just love Jimmy Stewart and his character, Jefferson Smith, and I hate it that he is made fun of and humiliated for the majority of the movie! I know that it's just a movie, but you just feel so sorry for his character. Having someone think you naive and laughing at you for it is a terrible feeling, isn't it? Nevertheless, I am always completely satisfied at the end. And Jean Arthur makes things much more bearable!

And today I watched "State Fair." This was actually working towards my new year's goals, by the way. :) This is one of those old movies someone gave me on VHS, but I had never watched it before. It was a good movie, a corny and sweet musical. I loved these two:

The songs weren't anything special...they didn't really stick with me. I did like "It Might as Well Be Spring," though. I'm not sure how I feel about Rodgers and Hammerstein. I know they're supposed to be associated with the best musicals ever. Honestly, I've only seen four of their musicals: this one, which I liked, "The Sound of Music," which I love, "The King and I," which I liked, and "Oklahoma!", which I strongly disliked when I saw it last. None of them really blow me away except "The Sound of Music." I've got "Carousel" on VHS, so I need to watch that one. Then there's "South Pacific," which I don't have and have never seen. Are those all of their musicals? Surely, for them to be so famous and acclaimed, they must have more than six...

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  1. Oooo my goodness that clutch is adorable. I love the fabric!!!

  2. I've seen that clutch pattern before. It sure is cute. And you chose adorable fabric! :)

  3. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIGGGGOOOOOOOOOODNESSSS!!! :D I love that clutch! Any chance I could convince you to make ME one??? *wink*

  4. CUTE clutch, Kristin! The fabric is too adorable. <3

  5. what an adorable clutch! Could you make me one? =]

  6. That clutch is gorgeous! :) You are wise to keep it.:) I am not too sure what I think of Rodgers and Hammerstein myself. I adore Sound of Music, along with The King And I , but I also strongly disliked Oklahoma!. I also disliked Carousel. Slight sexual undertones I thought were distasteful, along with marital abuse that was not dealt with. I have never seen South Pacific. I will soon.:)


  7. Thanks SO much for answering my Etsy questions, Kristin! That helped a lot! I think I just might open up a shop soon!
    Love Ya,
    P.S.: That clutch is adorable! The fabric is sweet, too! You're so talented!

  8. Hi!
    I love that clucth, it's adorable.
    I've linked this post in my blog.



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