Friday, December 24, 2010

O Christmas tree.

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!

This morning me and my mom made haystacks and I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies (which I have been craving for quite a while now). This afternoon, we'll visit with my grandparents. We always eat pizza and open gifts with them on Christmas Eve. Then we'll ride around, looking at Christmas lights in town. When we get home, I'll watch "It's a Wonderful Life."

I just realized that I hadn't put up any pictures of my Christmas tree this year. My tree is a vintage silver aluminum one, probably from about the 60s (it belonged to my great-aunt and great-uncle). It has a color wheel, but I always end up putting blue lights on it.

This year, it hasn't been looking like itself, mostly due to someone named Oliver. Oliver is my brother's cat, and this is the first Christmas we've had him. He decided that my tree is the perfect spot to snooze. Not under the tree. In the tree. He's been bending branches and knocking loose tinsel like crazy (several times trying to eat it), and I had to resort to using a squirt bottle to keep him away. tree has been looking a little pitiful this year. I've had to pull it out three or four times to put branches back in (or bend them straight again) or straighten the lights. Putting a Christmas tree up the first time is exciting. Fixing it multiple times afterwards is not.

The blue lights reflecting on the silver branches give it an interesting glow. :) It's really more turquoise than bright blue. This is the only place I have to put it- wedged between my dresser and the little crate holding some VHS tapes, my DVD player, and my VCR. You can't really see the "tree skirt," but it's only a turquoise piece of Elvis fabric wrapped around the bottom.

I got the glittery tree topper at Target for about $5 this year. This is my ornament for the year (my mom gets us one every year): the Eiffel tower, also from Target. And also glittery.

I got several other cute ornaments at Target this year, as well.

You might say that my tree has a theme...:)

I made these two ornaments from the book "Fa La La La Felt." I hope to make more things from it next year.

Yesterday, while rewatching "Miracle on 34th Street," I made another button bracelet. This one is in all brown, and it has more buttons than the other one.

Until next time,


  1. Oooh, I saw the Eiffel Tower ornament at Target!!! It's so adorable. =) =)=)

  2. Your tree looks gorgeous! One would never know it has been doubling as a catnapping locale. :) And I love the Elvis "theme"! Also, these button bracelets you are making rock, I absolutely love them! Are they going to appear in your Etsy shop?


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