Saturday, December 4, 2010


I spent my whole day writing a research paper about developmentally appropriate dance programs for children. Eh. One big end-of-semester project down. Two to go.

I can't get this adorable movie out of my head! These hilarious clips really make me want to see it again. :)

And I love this song from the soundtrack. For some reason, I think this song would be gorgeous in a wedding. It's so sweet and fairytale-ish and exciting. I love how it starts building at 1:50. Wow. :)

P.S. We had our first little bit of snow today! It was so pretty. I kept looking for Mr. Tumnus. :)

Until next time, your Disney dork,


  1. Oh, Mr. Tumnus! Love it! =)

  2. So have you been listening to the soundtrack on YouTube? I am desperate to find the entire thing. :)

    You should TOTALLY have the "Kingdom Dance" at your wedding. Amazing music, and that scene was so beautiful and energetic, I wanted to just jump into the movie. :)


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