Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas in Connecticut.

I don't know why "Christmas in Connecticut" isn't a more popular/famous Christmas movie than it is. Because it's such a fun movie!

It's basically a Christmas romantic comedy. Elizabeth Lane writes one of the country's most popular food columns in a magazine. She portrays herself as a happy housewife with a baby boy, living on a farm in the country. In reality, she's single, lives in a small apartment in the city, and her friend and chef, Felix, provides all of her meals (and the recipes) because she can't cook at all. When the owner of her magazine decides that he and a sailor hero will spend a real, old-fashioned Christmas with Elizabeth and her family on the farm, she's forced to act her part, all the while falling in love with the sailor boy who thinks she's a married woman.

This movie is so funny. Especially Felix- he's probably my favorite character after Jefferson Jones. "It's a catastroph!"

While I'm not especially fond of Elizabeth (Barbara Stanwyck), I do love Jefferson Jones (Dennis Morgan). He's just so cute! So tall and handsome (with a lot of thick, wavy hair), but there's something about him that is just like a little boy. I haven't seen him in much, but I think Dennis Morgan is really underrated as an actor.

I love this movie and just might watch it again before Christmas. And there is a vintage short (about 22 minutes long) on the DVD that is amazing. It's called "Star in the Night," and it's a sort of modern telling of the nativity story. It's so lovely, but it's not available online anywhere. It's only on the DVD, but I've read that TCM sometimes plays it during Christmas.

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  1. I. LOVE. THIS. MOVIE. Her uncle (I think it's her uncle?) just makes the flick. I hadn't ever seen it and never liked Barbara S., but had never seen her in a comedy. Girl can do comedy! I was doing a wrapping marathon one night and it came on and...I totally fell in love with this movie.

  2. I think I've mentioned this to you before, but I LOVE this movie! Wonderful review. :) And I agree, Dennis Morgan is a dreamboat. :) I totally forgot the "Star in the Night" short is on this DVD - I first saw it on TCM (yep, they do typically run it a couple of times in December), and it is so great it just makes me cry about every time I see it.

    I have to echo Jenny's comment that Barbara S. can do comedy - this and The Lady Eve and Ball of Fire prove that to be true! They are so fun!


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