Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pity party.

I am a control freak. I love to have a plan, and it makes me so uncomfortable when things don't go as planned.

Last night, my family was going out to eat and then to see "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." I've been anxiously awaiting this movie for months! We had already bought tickets and everything.

I've had a cold for several days, and earlier this week, Mom was saying that she hoped I would be well enough to go to the movie. I said, and I quote, "I'm going to see Harry Potter even if I'm puking!" (Excuse that not-so-pleasant word.)

Yesterday, me and Mom ate lunch at a place I've never been before, because she had a gift certificate for there. As soon as I finished my food, I realized I was feeling a little odd. For the rest of the afternoon I felt nauseous, and then guess what happened, before we even made it to supper?


I'm feeling much better today, but not well enough to go the movie. I am so mad at myself, for getting this food poisoning or virus or whatever it was. All I've done today is lay around on the couch, sleeping and watching cheesy TV movies, "I Love Lucy," and an episode of "Bewitched" on TV Land. And seen a lot of delicious food commercials, while I haven't had anything to eat today except four Saltine crackers. Ew. And I have so much school stuff that I need to be working on, but I don't have enough energy to do anything.

I was planning on gushing about Harry Potter in today's post. Instead, I'm throwing a little pity party. Thanks for joining me, anyway. :) I probably won't get to see the movie until at least Tuesday. For those of you who have seen it, was it as wonderful and amazing as I've heard? Don't tell me too much, though. I'm very jealous.

Moral of today: Be careful of what you say. :)

Until next time,


  1. Aw man, thatsucks {forgive that not so nice word :P}
    When I saw what happended with you it reminded me of what's happening w/ me.....
    I'm in a play and a cold has been going around and it's so good! The name of the play is "It's a Wonderful Life" and Mr. Potter's voice alst night wasn't loud enough so they mircophoned him and it sounded alot more sinister and gravely, but poor guy!

  2. Oh I'm so sorry you've been sick! Looking forward to reading your thoughts when you do get to see Harry - it's just fabulous!

  3. hello there
    take a good rest!
    and enjoy the movie! :)


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