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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

I know some of my readers don't approve of the Harry Potter books/movies. If you're one of those, please disregard this post! :)
*Spoilers ahead*

Wow. I don't even know what to say.

Well, I've got plenty to say. I just don't know how to go about doing it. :)

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" was amazing. Despite the changes, I was probably more satisfied with how this movie played out and translated to the screen than any other HP movie. It was a beautiful movie- the acting, the music, the filming, everything. Sad and gloomy, but beautiful.

First, to touch on some of my favorite scenes. The beginning was great- the parts with Hermione removing herself from her parents' memories were so heartbreaking! I loved the seven Potters scene! It was hilarious, and I loved seeing the others transform into Harry, still speaking in their own voices. The Ministry of Magic scene was also great. The three actors who played the trio disguised were amazing! They had the mannerisms of Harry, Ron, and Hermione down perfectly- I also liked that they chose actors who sort of resembled the trio in a slight way. By the way, I just found out that Sophie Thompson played the lady! I had no idea- is that bad that I didn't recognize her as Emma Thompson's sister and Miss Bates from 1995 "Emma"? It was nice to have another glimpse of the evil Umbridge in all of her pink, cat glory (did you notice the stuffed cat face made onto her sweater? Creepy!). I *didn't* like that Harry starts to change back to himself so quickly, but I guess that was sort of a minor thing.

I also loved Godric's Hollow. The graveyard, the demolished house, Bathilda Bagshot, everything. I wished that the sign had come up, marking the house. But seriously, how cute was that little village in the snow? I was a little disappointed that Voldemort didn't even come to Bathilda's house to get Harry...did he? Or was it so quick that I didn't even realize? "The Tale of the Three Brothers" animation- gorgeous! The highlight of a rather disappointing take on the visit to the Lovegood's home. The animation fit the movie perfectly; I just loved it. My last favorite scene: the fight at Malfoy Manor. That scene was perfect. Emma Watson was amazing in her scene with Bellatrix (Helena Bonham-Carter). Whoa...her emotions were so well-shown. I just can't say how much I love that scene.

Emma Watson was pretty much amazing through the whole movie- I thought the best of the trio. And her best performance so far in a HP movie. At times, it felt like she was actually carrying the movie, especially in the scenes with just her and Harry. Rupert Grint was also great...I wasn't extremely impressed with Daniel Radcliffe, but come to think of it, I'm usually not. :) I mean, he's fine, but not anything special. The whole Malfoy family was good. And I loved Fred and George! Oh, they crack me up. :) For the tiny bit they were on screen. As almost disgusting as it was, I loved it when George joins Harry and Ginny in the kitchen with his toothbrush stuck in his ear (or lack of it?). :)

I can't believe I'm saying this, but there were actually a couple of parts that they changed from the book/added that I liked. First was Hedwig's death. It was more brave and noble this way. Also, the Harry and Hermione dance. When I first heard the song that they danced to (on Youtube, before I even saw the movie), I was thinking, what in the world? But when I saw the movie, it all came together. It was a very cute, touching moment, sort of like the one they had in the last movie. Harry's dancing was...a little dorky? :) But it was sweet of him to try and comfort her by lightening the mood. I liked it a lot.

Just a few small things that disappointed me: the lack of Dudley's great line at the very beginning. That was one of my favorite parts of the book. Also, at the beginning, they showed how Hermione was protecting her family. I wanted them to show how Ron was protecting his, too (with the ghoul, like in the book :). Kingley's famous line: "The Ministry has fallen. The Minister is dead. They are coming. They are coming." That gave me chills in the book-I loved it. In the movie, it was sort of a letdown, the way his voice sounded. It just wasn't very chilling. Also, there was Kreacher. I missed the whole backstory with the locket, and how he goes from hating Harry to supporting him. In the movie, it was just sort of like he automatically liked him from the beginning. I also wished that Harry had read the verse from his parents' gravestone aloud: "The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death." It was also disappointing how rushed and lacking Harry's views into Voldemort's mind were. If you hadn't read the books, you would have no idea what the point was. It wasn't clear who he was talking to or what he wanted. Ugh. Also, maybe the biggest letdown for me: the whole visit to Xeno Lovegood's house (except for the three brothers animation, of course). That's one of my favorite parts of the book. It's such a shocking betrayal in the book, when they find a copy of the new Quibbler and see Luna's dusty room. That part always stuck with me, and it was so rushed and so lacking in the movie.

Well, I think I've said all I can, for now. :) I loved the movie, and it was probably one of the best of the series. I can't wait for part 2!

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  1. Yay, so happy you are better now (at least I assume so?) and got to finally go see Harry Potter!! Not a shock I'm sure, but I agree with pretty much everything you're saying (I do give Daniel Radcliffe a little more love, apparently, LOL). GREAT call on Sophie Thompson in the Ministry of Magic scene, that one flew right over my head. I really want to go see this again...


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