Friday, October 1, 2010

A missed opportunity and a first.

Happy October!

In just a few minutes, one of my favorite bands will be playing a concert that's less than 45 minutes from my house.

I love these guys...Switchfoot.

So why am I not there?

I had to be sensible about this. I had to let the Elinor override the Marianne. Today we did farm work that lasted well into the afternoon. It would have been a big rush to get finished and ready in time to get to the concert. But that would have been okay. Me and Mom were going to do it. But...tomorrow is the big fall craft festival. Yes, the one I've been sewing like a lunatic for over the past month. I could have gone to the concert tonight. But I have to be up at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow to be at the festival at 7:00 and start setting up.

If I got home after midnight tonight and was living off of mere hours of sleep, I would be one ill, grumpy girl tomorrow. That's not how I want to be for my first ever craft fair. So, even though I think Switchfoot is amazing and seeing them live is on my bucket list and I think they're really humble, genuine guys instead of the usual Christian rock group and this post is a way to make myself feel better about the decision, I'm not at the concert.

And that's okay. There will be another concert.

Here is what I've been doing to finish up my last bit of sewing:

Plus an apron and oven mitt set out of red Christmas candy fabric that I'm too lazy and tired to get a picture of. Which brings my grand total of "inventory" to: 15 wallets, 6 bags, 9 iPod/cell phone cases, 4 zippered pouches, 4 hoop arts, 2 clutches, 2 apron/oven mitt sets, and one set of coasters.

Whew. It's been a long month, folks. I'm ready to make something for myself for a change. :) Say a little prayer for me about tomorrow, as I'm feeling a little nervous. Making stuff to sell is so nerve-wracking sometimes. Over the past few days, as I've been pressing my stuff and organizing it all, I've been feeling pretty critical of my ability. That's what comes from being a perfectionist and people-pleaser, I guess.

Until next time,


  1. Way. to. go. You're so crazy it's awesome. I'm praying for you my sewin' sista!

  2. ... hehe... switchfoot... *giggles*... haha... wow.. um, okay. No. I'm fine. *lol*... now. *breath* I'm okay, really.... switchfoor. *ahem* I'm leaving now...

    Bleah Briann

  3. I love Switchfoot. They are amazing. Good luck at the craft fair! Your pieces are really adorable. I need a wallet like that. : )

  4. Your projects look AMAZING. You're gonna sell out in seconds. Have a great time and don't stress!

  5. aww.. I'm so sorry you missed the Switchfoot concert! I saw them live and let's just say, its the best concert I will probably ever go to :) but you made the right decision and there will be more concerts!
    and don't be nervous you will do great! I love your pieces.. I so need a wallet like that ;)

    Love in Christ,


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