Sunday, October 3, 2010

Craft fairs and Etsy.

Hello, lovely readers. Thanks so much for all of the sweet, encouraging comments left on my last post. :) You guys are awesome! By the way, I have a new layout (when it works properly, that is) and a new poll on the sidebar that I'd love for all of you to participate in!

So, I think my first craft fair was pretty successful. I did not sell out, or even sell as much as I had hoped. But I did well and a ton of people took my business cards so I'm hoping they will be potential customers in the future. And the items that are left over will hopefully be the starting items in my Etsy shop...:)

This fall/craft festival is a pretty big deal in my community. And this was my first time ever going. It was crazy how many familiar faces I saw! I didn't even know I knew that many people. :) Anyway, it was a beautiful, breezy day (although I got sunburned on my face). The air was cool and smelled like apple butter and cider. All day, I heard the old-fashioned blacksmith (who was right behind our booth) working, the reenactors shooting their guns in the nearby field, and the hilarious sound of the toy pop guns that a vendor sells to every child who can persuade their parents to buy them one (many, many pop guns were sold). It was lovely.

I shared a space with a really sweet friend of my cousin named Jennifer. She makes beautiful jewelry and adorable little hair bows. She's planning on starting an Etsy shop soon, and when it's open I'm going to post the link here. And you guys have got to go check it out! Her items are amazing and her prices are so reasonable! I bought these two bracelets from her, because my ears aren't pierced and I already have lots of necklaces:

There's a Christmasy one, with smaller, more delicate beads, and then a fall/Halloween one, with chunky wooden beads. I can't wait to wear them!

We also met another vendor there who does sweet appliqued items, and she has an Etsy shop here. She's been really successful on Etsy and had some good advice for us.

Now I'm off to do some reading from my Etsy Success Kit. Hope you all have been having a lovely weekend!

Until next time,


  1. Girl, I would so be your 1st customer...that is...if someone doesn't beat me there..then I'll be 2nd!!!!

  2. Your etsy shop will be the bee's knees!

    Do you read the Shabby Apple blog? I though the Sept 29th post might interest you!


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