Saturday, July 3, 2010

Meet Jane.

Remember when I mentioned the dress form a few days ago? I got her today. Two weeks ago, we met this lady who works at a nearby fabric store. My mom casually mentioned to her that I have been looking for a dress form. The lady said that she had one that she had paid about $200 for in the garment district in Manhattan. She said it needed to be repadded and covered, but she would trade it to me for one of my tote bags (which cost about $25). I haven't made her bag yet, but today she bought the dress form to me!

Here she is. I'm not positive yet, but I think her name is Jane. She just immediately seemed like a Jane somehow.

Believe it or not, she is almost the perfect size. :) My waist is not nearly as tiny as hers, though, so that will have to be padded out a few inches. And her hips as well. The lady took off the cover because it was looking ratty. Right now, Jane is made up of this sturdy, thick, but slightly peeling, cardboard. I am going to use some batting that my aunt gave to me (she was going to throw it away) and some white cotton from my mom's discarded country curtains (I now have yards and yards of it). Hopefully by the end, I'll have a lovely dress form for around $25.

She even came on this very sturdy rolling metal stand (ignore my hideously faded 80s carpet).

I am so excited about getting her fixed up. I hope that a dress form will help me in a huge way when I'm trying to make clothes that fit me well. :)

Until next time,


  1. OH. MY. That is amazing... I've always wanted one of those! And she totally seems like a Jane! :)

  2. Yeah, she does seem like a Jane! One time me and my mom made our own form. She duct taped me to old clothes, then we cut the back, stuffed it, and taped it back up!. Talk about something that takes your breath away! (literally).

    Anyway, this is lovely. What a God-thing, I'd say.

    Sweet Blessings, Kristen.

    P.S. I didn't know if I already told you, but I thought it was awesome you got your book turned into a REAL one. That is really neat!

  3. Oh, she is CLEARLY a Jane. So cool. I was looking for dresses for a vintage-loving character for Save the Date and thought of you when I saw these.

  4. congrats on getting your dress form! i don't sew, but i've always wanted one just for decoration in my room - or for hanging jewelry.


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